Suthakar Sabapathy

Suthakar SabapathyDrug Reimbursement Associate, PIVINA Consulting Inc.
Class of 2012

Suthakar Sabapathy is a Reimbursement Associate for PIVINA Consulting Inc. where he aids in the development of reimbursement strategies, value messages, and positioning of products to gain market access. The main goals of PIVINA are to optimally serve and consult the pharmaceutical industry in aspects of health economics & outcomes, pricing & reimbursement strategies, and post marketing studies.

Suthakar consults with numerous clients in the pharmaceutical sector and has worked on over twenty innovative products. His expertise lies in developing sales forecasts, researching health outcomes, and detailing submission requirements for multitude of payers.

For Suthakar, the MBiotech Program has been significant in providing a fundamental basis for both the business and scientific aspects of biotechnology. More importantly, the program provided him with exposure to networks of people and companies that have provided insight into the different career paths available. From team building to networking, he says the program really was an invaluable tool in understanding the biotechnology sector from a professional standpoint.