Therapeutic Ultrasound: How can we grow revenue of Exogen(TM)?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 6:30pm

Team AlphaGenexSmith & Nephew is a leader in the competitive bone stimulation market. This is made possible through the sale of ExogenTM, the only FDA approved LIPUS device on the market. LIPUS, otherwise known as low intensity pulsed ultrasound, has been clinically proven to heal fresh fractures 38% faster and has a heal rate of 86% for non-united fractures. Non-unions are fractures that fail to heal, typically leading to surgical intervention. Diabetics, in particular, have an increased risk of developing a slow healing or non-united fracture. To further add to these risks, diabetics are statistically proven to have higher rates of complication and infection post surgery. The ability to avoid an operation would be of great benefit to the diabetic population. AlphaGenex proposes a marketing strategy that targets diabetic patients to raise awareness of the inherent risks faced upon fracturing a bone and the benefits that ExogenTM provides. This will result in increased sales and revenue growth for ExogenTM.

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