TELUS Health Solutions: Opportunities for Growth?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 6:30pm

TELUS Health Solutions, a division of TELUS Corporation, is focused on the development and implementation of innovative health management solutions across Canada.  Services offered by TELUS Health Solutions include the implementation and maintenance of electronic health records, electronic insurance claims management, and pharmacy management solutions. Just as wireless technologies are revolutionizing the medical device industry, pharmacies are leveraging connected technologies to offer innovative, patient-focused experiences. These new products and services will connect the patient, pharmacist, and physician to improve many aspects of the patient's health management, including adherence to prescription medication.

Each year, non-adherence to prescription medication costs more than $9 billion in Canada alone. Non-adherence is highly prevalent in chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease - particularly, in patients being treated for hypertension and hyperlipidemia. This results in worsened clinical outcomes, accelerated disease progression, and potentially death. With patients playing a greater role in their personal health management, the issue of non-adherence represents an important opportunity to introduce a comprehensive, patient-focused solution to this problem.
This presentation will outline an opportunity for growth for TELUS Health Solutions, which addresses the issue of non-adherence to prescription medication. We will propose the integration of a novel adherence aid into TELUS' latest pharmacy management solutions, in order to further develop their health solutions portfolio.

Team Nova Mentis

Presented by Team Nova Mentis (Jeff Meers, Vicki Bouwers, Kanza Manzoor, Fatema Fatakdawala).

Location: Instructional Centre, Room 335. All welcome!