Eve Medical's HerSwab (TM)

IDIA Technologies
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 6:30pm

Introducing Eve Medical’s HerSwab™ Into the Canadian Market

Over 40% of women are not screening regularly for infections that could lead to infertility and cervical cancer, and this is in large part due to the invasive procedure currently required: the Pap test. Eve Medical, a start-up based out of Toronto, has developed a sample collection device that allows women to self-sample for the HPV DNA test.

Eve Medical is very close to bringing HerSwab™ to market in Europe, where Pap tests occur independently of complete physicals, and reminders for Pap tests arrive in the mail. HerSwab™’s patent-pending design conveniently fits in a mail slot and allows patients to confidently self-sample.

While the sampling systems in place in Europe make it an ideal environment for Eve Medical to market their product, the start-up’s co-founders, headquarters and funding have all originated in Canada. In ongoing communications with Eve Medical, Team IDIA was requested to investigate a strategy to introduce HerSwab™, a made-in-Canada solution, into the Canadian market.

The challenge of introducing HerSwab™ into the Canadian market was finding an appropriate entry mechanism that did not require widespread changes to accepted protocols or large systemic purchasing programs, but would also be reasonably performed by a start-up company of two, with minimal financing. These challenges are discussed in detail, along with mechanisms to overcome or work with them.

The proposed Canadian strategy will be one part of Eve Medical’s multi-phased plan of action to make HerSwab™ available in multiple
markets. Alternate Canadian markets and strategies will also be proposed as next steps for Eve Medical. While the proposed Canadian
strategy will not be particularly lucrative at the time of entry, it is expected to open doors to widespread adoption in Canada and other
publicly-funded healthcare environments.

Presented by Team IDIA Technologies. Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 6:30-7:30pm, Instructional Centre, Room 335. Also available via webcast. Open to the public. The Master of Biotechnology Program would like to thank AstraZeneca Canada Inc. for their continued support of this seminar series.