Electronic Solution for Tracking Narcotics in Health Care

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 6:30pm


Team SciQureTracking narcotics and managing their usage in clinical settings is crucial because of strict government regulation surrounding their use. Majority of hospitals possess sophisticated Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADC) for managing narcotics inventory and other medicines. ADCs are rather expensive and therefore largely unaffordable for smaller patient turnover facilities such as Long Term Care (LTC) homes. However, there is a need for improved narcotic management in LTCs considering the volume of narcotics used for pain management and the strict regulations mandated by Health Canada in regards to reporting of narcotics and the chain of custody. The most prevalent method used by LTCs across Ontario still relies on paper records. The pen and paper method for tracking narcotics is not only cumbersome but also takes up a considerable amount of a nurses’ time to check the records. SciQure presents an electronic solution to manage narcotics more efficiently in LTC settings.  This solution comes in the form of a software application that replaces the paper-based tracking of narcotic dispensing, administration and destruction. This web based application can integrate with existing electronic Medication Administration Records systems (eMAR) that most of the LTCs have adopted. Our program offers a simple integrated solution along with a user-friendly interface that will allow nurses to spend more time with their patients.   

Sorry, this presentation is NOT open to the public. 

The Master of Biotechnology Program would like to thank AstraZeneca Canada Inc. for their continued support of this seminar series