Business Solution for Emergency Management in Canadian Hospitals

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 6:30pm

NovoVit GroupCode Orange, a hospital emergency response code, is activated to manage an influx of persons requiring urgent medical care, as a result of an external disaster. Since the majority of hospitals regularly operate over capacity, this influx can be as minimal as twelve seriously injured persons.  Currently in Ontario, the legislated protocol requires the hospital’s incident managers to coordinate several hundred physicians, nurses, administration and equipment across multiple departments in accordance to an Incident Management System (IMS) outlined in a loose leaf binder. Here, critical communication is relayed through a manual telephone and pager system, resulting in delays and deviations from protocol that can cost hospitals up to $60,000 an event. The NovoVit Group proposes the formation of a software distribution company to implement existing emergency management software into Ontario hospitals through an exclusive licensing agreement with a reputable American vendor. Implementation of a web-based cross-platform technology enables situational awareness, two-way communication, documentation and stepwise protocols tailored to each hospital’s operational needs. Such software can mitigate unnecessary expenses, minimize deviations from protocol and increase the efficiency of coordinated response efforts to reduce hospitals' financial burdens in a Code Orange event.

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