CS Student Won Tech Challenge at MIT Hacking Arts 2017

One of our students, Mahika Phutane, traveled to Boston to attend the MIT Hacking Arts conference (a Media Lab sponsored event). Her team (including students from Harvard and RISD) ended up winning a specific tech challenge as well as "Hacking Arts Best Overall Hack."

Click here to see more about MIT Hacking Arts 2017.

2017 MCS Awards Reception

On Thursday, October 19th, the department held the MCS Awards Reception, celebrating and recognizing students and faculty for their achievements. We were delighted to have two of our donors, Olga Fraser and Doris Geddes, join us in congratulating the award winners. Here is a link to the photos:

2017 Science Rendezvous

The Science Rendezvous event was a sprawling science fair hosted at the St. George campus on Saturday, May 13th.  By all accounts the event was a great success.  The MCS department set up a showcase of mathematical puzzles, games, paradoxes, facts, and history.  Many thanks to the small army of volunteers for helping make it happen and for helping spread their love of math to the next generation of scientists! Special thanks to the organizers of the event: Marina Tvalavadze, Alex Rennet and Mariya Boyko and all volunteers.

Canadian Math Kangaroo 2017 Contest

On Sunday, March 26th, the MCS department hosted the annual Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest for about 600 participants. This is a math contest that is written by students in grade 1 through 12. There are online and on-campus training sessions available to help the contestants prepare for the big day. The MCS department also hosted an on-campus training session in February, prior to the contest day. More information about the contest can be found here:
We would like to send a huge thank you to all of our volunteers for their time and dedication in making sure that both the training session and the contest day ran smoothly. We would also like to thank Yvette Ye and Charlene Chu for coordinating this event. Congratulations to all of the participants who wrote the contest!
Photos from the 2017 Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest can be found here:

Daniel Wigdor promoted to Associate Professor

Daniel Wigdor of our department has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor effective July 1, 2016. Congratulations!

UTM Graduate Research Colloquium 2016

On Monday, May 2, UTM held its second annual Graduate Research Colloquium where graduate students from different departments had a chance to present their research to the broader academic community.

We are proud of two of our Math graduate students who presented at the event: Jeremy Lane gave an oral presentation on "The qualitative and quantitative geometry of phase space in classical mechanics" and Charlene Chu had a poster presentation on "Polygons on a Lattice". Congratulations to Charlene Chu on winning first prize for Best Poster Presentation. For more information about the event, please visit here.

Canadian Math Kangaroo 2016 Contest

It was a very busy day at UTM this past Sunday, March 20th. UTM hosted the annual Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest as well as the March Break Open House.

With over 450 students from grades 1 through 12 participating in the math competition, the event was a success. We’d like to congratulate everyone who wrote the contest and thank the MCS staff and undergraduate and graduate student-volunteers who donated their time to make this day possible.

Photos from the 2016 Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest can be found here:

CS Students Get a Publication into RUCS

Two CS students, Sihan Zheng and Emmanuel Ifemade, get a publication into RUCS -- the undergraduate research journal--this year. They're in the software projects category:

They are under the supervison of Andrew Petersen.

2015 MCS Awards Reception

On Tuesday, October 20th, the department held its first ever MCS Awards Reception, celebrating and recognizing students and faculty for their achievements. Some of the awards received were Governor General's Medal and Founders Gold Medal for graduating students, NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award and Dean's Excellence Award,  Anne Holden Scholarship, Doris Geddes Scholarship, Elizabeth and William Star Award, June Scott Award, Olga Fraser Award and Peter Fantham Scholarship for current students, as well as Excellence in Teaching awards for faculty. We are so proud to have such students and faculty in our department!

Here is a link to the photos:

Canadian Math Kangaroo 2015 Contest

On Sunday, March 29th, UTM hosted close to 600 students of all grade levels for the annual Mathematics Kangaroo Competition.

Math Kangaroo Contest is not exactly a one-day event though.  Many students participated in numerous preparation sessions before enrolling into the contest even though participation was not mandatory. 

The event could not take place without the work and dedication of undergraduate and graduate student-volunteers who generously donated their time to invigilate the contest, grade the answer sheets and to make the students and their parents welcome at UTM.

If you like to take a peek at how the day unfolded, please enjoy the photos taken by Charlene Chu, the head volunteer and Mariya Boyko, the UTM Math Kangaroo helper at this link:

2015 March Break Open House

On March 22, 2015, our campus welcomed more than 3000 visitors including approximately 1000 prospective students. Several members of the department came out to deliver engaging talks to about 150 students and their parents. Shay Fuchs spoke about the requirements of the program and played mathematical games with the students. Jerry Brunner gave a lecture titled, " Why Statistics is better than ice cream". Arnold Rosenbloom showed examples of what and how students will learn as a Computer Science student at UTM.

Ilia Binder promoted to Full Professor

Ilia Binder of our department has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor effective July 1, 2015. Congratulations!

Mathematical Musings with Konstantin Khanin

U of T Mississauga Research Excellence Award recipient Professor Konstantin Khanin delivered a thoughtful lecture on self-similarity and critical phenomenon in math and science on Friday, February 6, 2015.
For more details, please see here.

Shay Fuchs promoted to Senior Lecturer

Dr. Shay Fuchs of our department has been promoted to the rank of Senior Lecturer effective July 1, 2015. Congratulations, Shay!