Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) is a student-centered method of teaching Mathematics. At the college mathematics level one of the forms of IBL is the Modified Moore Method, named after R. L. Moore (an American topologist, 1882-1974).

In the past two years, the course MAT405 (Introduction to Topology), taught by Shay Fuchs, has been delivered using the IBL method. There were no lectures, and most of the class time was devoted to student presentations and discussion.

We are proud to be part of Greater Upstate New York Inquiry-Based Learning Consortium. UTM is the first (and so far only) Canadian participant in this Consortium.

Rochester Mathematics Olympiad

On Saturday, February 8, 2014, the following UTM students wrote the Rochester Mathematics Olympiad:   Vinh-Khang Nguyen-Hu, Matthew Scicluna, Ahmed Mahmoud Ellithy, Mark Zietara and Ju Li. 

A total of 67 students from 11 colleges participated in the competition. The exam contained 4 proof-based problems to be solved in a span of 3 hours.
Vinh-Khang Nguyen-Hu scored 22/40, and was marked as an excellent performer.

March Break 2014

During March break, the UTM MCS department hosted a group of high school students who are interested in studying Math, CS and Statistics. Several members of the department came out to deliver engaging talks. Shay Fuchs, Alison Weir and Andrew Petersen spoke about the entry requirements to our programs, what to expect in the first year, and how to be successful as an MCS student. Craig Burkett gave a mock lecture showing students how Statistics can be used as a shield or a sword, and Daniel Zingaro gave a gentle introduction to cryptography.
Overall it was an exciting day for the students, and was made all the more so when the university shut down early due to the snow.

UTM MCS students win the best student app award for the Ontario Energy Challenge

We are proud to announce that three MCS Computer Science students, Zohaib Ahmed, Kumar Pandya and Rashaad Ramdeen have won the Best Student App Award for their Wattermelon App at the Energy Apps for Ontario challenge, hosted by MaRS Discovery District and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Energy.

Wattermelon monitors your energy usage by utilizing the Green Button technology that connects to smart meters. It does all the work of gathering and organizing your energy data, and provides meaningful goals and actionable tasks so property owners can get the most savings.

Screen shot of Wattermelon app

Wattermelon does a couple of unique things, as in calculating future usage based on previous gathered stats, and provides a social interface which allows property owners to compare their usage to their community. [Names] are currently working with various utilities (Hydro One, London Hydro, etc) to bring this to thousands of property owners.

The students thanked their professor, Arnold Rosenbloom, for his teaching "as this all could not have happened without you!"
Arnold had taught them in courses such as CSC309: Programming on the Web and CSC490: Capstone Design Course.  A complete list if Computer Sciences courses can be seen here.

Sergey Gorbonuv receives MSR Fellowship in 2014

We are very happy to congratulate Sergey Gorbonuv as a 2014 Microsoft Research PhD Fellow.  Sergey completed his H.B.Sc in 2011 in Computer Science at the University of Toronto Mississauga, his M.Sc in 2012 at the University of Toronto, and started his Ph.D there.  He recently transferred with his supervisor to complete his Ph.D at MIT.

In addition to his academic achievements, Sergey taught the fall 2013 Introduction to Inforrmation Security course

International Capture the Flag (ICTF) 2013

The International Capture the Flag (ICTF) is a distributed, competitive computer security competition. During the contest, teams of students from across the world attempt to keep their own network services running while exploiting security holes in the services of other teams. This year, the UTM team placed 6th of 122 teams (and 2nd in North America).

iCTF results

The UTM team was composed of seven current and former students:

UTM MCS iCTF team, 2013

Left to right:

Cristian Poll (alumni); Lance Blais (alumni);  Michael Bennett (alumni); Mark Dobrowolsk; Yuliya Cherenkova; Christopher Primerano; James Lahey

In the words of Arnold Rosenbloom, who started the Introduction to Information Security course at UTM: " I am very proud of my students! Not only were they great when I taught them, but they were so interested and motivated that they continue to come back and help me and my current students learn. The enthusiasm has taken a life of its own!"


MCSS Hackathon 2013-02

The Hackathon was hosted by Computer Sciences Leturer Gerhard Trippen who made up a game called Dog-Cat-Mouse-cheeSe where teams of students wrote code to make their team beet their opponent in a round-robin format. More on the game itself can be found at

MCSS Hackathon


PhD Graduates Supervised by MCS Faculty 2012-12

We wish to congratulate the following individuals upon the completion of their PhD.

Mircea Voda who was supervised by Professor Ian Graham completed his degree in June 2011. Elio Mazzeo completed his degree July 2012 under Professor Konstantin Khanin's supervision. Michael Bailey was co-supervised by Professors Yael Karshon and Marco Gualtieri and completed his degree in December 2011. Jordan Watts was also supervised by Professor Yael Karshon and completed his degree July 2012. And Artem Dudko, supervised by Professor Michael Yampolsky, completed his degree in November 2012.

Wired Article Referencing UTM Computer Science Alumni 2012-08-30

Two graduated Computer Science students, Stephen Jakisa and Ioan Stefanovici are making news. Check the following website for more details:


Shay Fuchs was Selected to be a Project NExt Fellow This Year  2012-07-01

Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a professional development program for new or recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences. It addresses all aspects of an academic career: improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, engaging in research and scholarship, and participating in professional activities. It also provides the participants with a network of peers and mentors as they assume these responsibilities. To date, 1324 Fellows have participated in Project NExT.

Vinod Vaikuntanathan Working on Proof-Of-Concept

U of T Mississauga MCS Assistant Professor Vinod Vaikuntanathan is part of a group working on a proof-of-concept that could lead to hack-proof data in encrypted clouds.

Charlie Rockoff Becomes Fellow of IACR

Professor Charlie Rackoff who has recently been elected as one of 2011 Fellows of IACR -- International Association for Cryptologic Research. The complete list of fellows
(before 2011) is at