2014-15  Ontario Graduate Scholarship at U of T

This is an award for students who are applying for graduate studies.

This message is intended only for students who are eligible to apply for an OGS. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please review the eligibility criteria and contact your proposed graduate department to confirm your eligibility. Here are the contact information of the graduate adminstrators in Math/CS/Stats at U of T:



Jemima Merisca (acting)

Office: BA 6290 (Bahen Centre

Phone: 416-978-7894 

E-mail: jmerisca@math.utoronto.ca


Ida Bulat (On Leave)

Office: BA6166 (Bahen Centre)

Phone: 416-978-7894

E-mail: ida@math.utoronto.ca


Andrea Carter

Office: SS6022 (Sidney Smith)

Phone: 416-978-5136

E-mail: carter@utstat.utoronto.ca

Computer Sciences

Celeste Francis Esteves

Office: BA4250 (Bahen Centre)

Phone: 416-946-0855

Email: celeste@cs.toronto.edu

Application Process

Applicants must submit an OGS application to their proposed graduate unit using the U of T School of Graduate Studies centralized online OGS application. Each graduate unit will have their own internal submission deadline to which applicants must adhere. 

OGS awards are not transferrable from one graduate unit to another. Therefore prospective students must submit an OGS application to each graduate unit to which they are applying for admission. 

Once completed and submitted online, the entire application will be available to the proposed graduate unit(s) for review and consideration. 

Contact & Resources

If you have questions regarding the OGS award competition at U of T, please refer to the OGS webpage