2013-14 Course Information!

The UTM MCS department is already looking forward to a great year in 2013-14. The department is offering a full slate of courses which can be viewed at the UTM Timetable (https://registrar2.utm.utoronto.ca/student/timetable/).

New offerings for this year include neural networks (CSC321H5), programming languages (CSC324H5), and cryptography (CSC422H5). Other elective courses include web programming (CSC309H5) and design of interactive media (CSC318H5). In addition, we wish to highlight a few special opportunities:

Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects (CSC492H5, fall and/or winter): UCOSP is a Canada-wide open-source capstone course that received rave reviews from the students enrolled in the past three years. You'll receive independent study credit at UTM but will be working with a faculty supervisor and a team of undergraduates from across Canada. The teams get together at the beginning of the term for a code sprint and then collaborate online to complete their projects over the term.

For more details, see: http://ucosp.ca/for-students

Admission is restricted to motivated third year and fourth year students. If you're interested in applying, please see Andrew Petersen. Enrollment for the fall term should be completed by July (slots are first-come-first-serve), and enrollment for the winter will start in September.

Independent Project and Research (CSC398H5, CSC492H5 and CSC493H5, fall and/or winter): Experienced, motivated fourth year students may complete independent projects with individual faculty members. To set up a CSC492H5 or CSC493H5, you will need to agree on a project and evaluation metric well in advance of the beginning of the term. Contact the faculty member you would like to work with to ask if an independent project will be possible, or contact Andrew Petersen if you have questions.