When You Arrive

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  • Present your documents to the Canada Border Service Agency Officer;  Keep documents with you
  • Answer any questions they may ask you;
  • Keep your newly issued study permit in a safe place.

Connect with UTM at the Airport

Transportation to your final destination (follow the instructions that apply to you) 

Book Your Taxi

  • Pre-arranged airport pick-up available from August 21st to September 10th between 8:00am and 10:00pm; Visit the UofT Airport Welcome Booth in the arrivals section of the airport to meet the Campus Servus representative who will take you to your transportation.
  • Taxi service;
    • Exit through gate D1 (terminal 1) or Post 31 (terminal 3) to find available registered taxi services;
    • Have either cash or a credit/debit card on hand to pay the fee.
  • Bus service.Bus fare
    • ​​Directions to UTM:
      • Walk to the Ground Level of Terminal 1, second curb, Column S4;
      • Take the Mississauga Transit bus 7 (South) to its last stop, get off at the City Centre Bus Terminal (located at the Square One Mall), transfer to bus 110 (South), arrive at UTM. 
    • Other locations:Transfer ticket

   clickable button, redirects to Hospitality & Retails Services site.Food options

  • Visit one of the food outlets on campus, there is a cafeteria in Oscar Peterson Hall and various food options in the Meeting Place (located in the Davis Building). For more options, click on the image on the right;
  • Find a restaurant or have some food delivered to you if you will be living off campus or if the on campus food outlets are closed. Click here to get some suggestions.


Open a bank account

  • Research the products and services offered by different banks;Banks
  • Bring two pieces of identification with you if you choose to open a bank account (e.g. passport, study permit, driver's licence, etc.).


Set up a phone plan Buy a SIM Card

  • Research the various service providers;
    • Here are a few to get you started (in Alphabetical order): Bell, Fido, Koodo,  Mobilicity, Rogers, Telus, Virgin Mobile, Wind.
  • Determine the plan that best fits your needs;Things to consider
  • Already have a phone? You may be able to select a plan, get a new SIM card and continue to use your phone!

Insight: Campus Servus allows you to purchase a SIM card in advance and get it at the airport when you arrive. Click on the red icon to find out more.  

Once at UTM

Obtain your TCard

Your TCard is your official University identification and will provide you with access to various services including access to the library, the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre, the St George-UTM Shuttle Bus among others. Plus, you will need to have it with you for exams and to access to the Mississauga Transit. 

  • Bring your offer of admission letter;T-Card Photo
  • Bring your passport AND study permit with you;
  • Visit the IITS HelpDesk in room 3133 in the CCT Building.


Activate your UTORid and UTORmail


  • Follow the steps listed on the letter you were provided with when you got yourTCard to activate your UTORid;
  • Your UTORid will be printed on your TCard (top left corner of the scan bar);
  • The activation key will be printed on your letter;
  • Follow the instructions to setup your UTORmail, your official Univerisity of Toronto email.


Update address details on ACORNU of T communications

  • Log in to your ACORN account and update your personal information with your new address, cell phone number and UTORmail address.


Support and Resources


Several orientation events will take place during the first weeks in September to help students to adapt to their new living and learning environment. Make sure to participate in those that are of interest to you:

Health Insurance

Obtain and print your Health Insurance Card

International students are automatically enrolled in a health isurance plan to receive basic health insurance coverage in Ontario. Without your insurance, medical care can be very expensive. Please keep the following details in mind:

Health Card

  • Familiarize yourself with your plan - you can find detailed information here;
  • Most international students are enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP);
  • Some programs like ACE@UTM, CsF and VISP enrol students under GuardMe.
  • Register, print and carry your health insurance card with you at all times;
  • Learn about your supplemental health and dental insurance plan offered through your Student Union;
  • Visit the International Education Centre (IEC) in room 2071 in the Davis Building (DV). We can help you to print your card and understand the differences between your basic and supplemental plans.

Get to know UTM and Mississauga

Enhancing Your Experience

Get involved

Participating in the various clubs, programs and events offered outside of the classroom is a great way to make your experience at UTM as rewarding as possible. There are many options, we have highlighted a few to get you started:

  • Clubs Week - an opportunity to explore the various student clubs on campus;
  • LAUNCH - a transition program for first year students;
  • utmLEAD - leadership development opportunity open to all students;
  • Community Engagement Opportunities - short and long term opportunities available;
  • utmPLUS - a support program for upper year students;
  • Team Sports;
  • Other – our Get Involved page will provide you with additional ideas;

Connect with Global Connections and the International Education Centre

Global Connections

Global Connections is a student led and student oriented program aimed to create an inclusive and all-rounded experience by bringing together domestic and international students at UTM. Global Connection Leaders plan socio-cultural events and activities, and are also available for one-on-one interactions for students.

International Education CentreIf you have questions visit the IEC

Working in Canada

  • If you are considering working in Canada, there are two steps you should follow before you start looking for a job:
    • Visit the IEC in Davis Building 2071 during drop-in advising to determine whether or not you are eligible to work; 
    • Visit the Career Centre in Davis Building 3094 for job search tips as well as access to the Career Centre Network for job postings.