What to Expect


Applying for an exchange is easy if you follow these steps;


  • Choose two schools - you will need to list your first and second choices on your application.
  • Be aware of the deadlines for exchange.
  • Check your eligibility - see if you meet the CGPA requirements for your two schools.
  • Be aware of the funding options available to you.
  • Determine your costs.
  • Learn how to transfer credits from exchange onto your UTM transcript.
  • Compile a list of proposed courses that interest you at both schools. This is not a final list. You will be given an opportunity to select your actual courses if you are nominated for exchange.


  • Resume - write or update your resume. Alone or with assistance from the UTM Career Centre.
  • Questionnaire Form - complete and edit your answers carefully.
  • Have fewer than 4.0 credits? Complete and include the Interim Grade Report.
  • Complete the CIE Funding Application Form if you qualify for any of the funding options and/or can demonstrate financial need. Please note the form is not currently available but will be starting in November 2017.


Ready to choose your schools? Progress to Step Two


Have Questions?  Feel free to speak to our UTM Global Mobility Coordinator or book an appointment at  international.utm@utoronto.ca. 

Also consider posting your question to our Facebook support group.