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Things to keep in mind

  • Applicants must submit all documents and payment of the first instalment for the application to be considered complete. We will use the time stamp of submission of the application document or payment, whichever comes last;
  • All forms must be filled electronically. Hand written submissions will not be considered. You can access the software to complete PDF forms electronically at the computer labs on campus or at the IEC office in DV2071 Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm;
  • Payment submissions must be made electronically via credit card;
  • Applications close at 11:59 pm on the corresponding dates.

To apply, follow these steps:

Step 1

Review the information on the UTM Across Canada pages including the Terms of Participation and Payment Schedule;

Step 2

Complete the UTM Across Canada Application Form;

Step 3

Complete the UTM Across Canada Medical Form;

Step 4

If applicable, complete the UTM Across Canada Funding Application;

Step 5 

Submit all your forms electronically via UTSend:

  • Save your files under the following format:
    • Last Name, First Name, Canada Application Form 
    • Last Name, First Name, Canada Medical Form
    • Last Name, First Name, Canada Bursary Form (if applicable)
  • Go to UTSend
  • Click on "Login" 
  • Use your UTORid and password to login
  • Click on "Drop-off"
  • Your name and utoronto email address will be automatically added to the system under "Information about the sender". Confirm that the information is correct and click "Next".
  • Click on the plus sign in the "To" field and enter UTM Across Canada in the name field and in the email field
  • Upload your completed application form
    • Under "Description" description enter  your last name, your first name, Canada application form
  • Upload your completed and signed medical form
    • Under "Description" enter your last name, first name, Canada medical form
  • Upload your completed bursary form (if applicable)
    • Under "Description" enter your last name, your first name, Canada bursary form
  • Click on "Drop-off the files"
  • Keep a copy of the Claim ID and Claim ID Passcode for your records (found on the bottom corner of the last page). 

Step 6

Submit your non-refundable $250 first instalment

  • CLICK HERE to access the UTM eCommerce system;
  • Review the information on the main page;
  • Click on "Payment" from the menu at the top;
  • Select the UTM Across Canada First Instalment;
  • Proceed with the payment.

Step 7

Wait for the International Education Centre to review your application. We will contact you with more details on next steps. Contact us should you have any questions.