Ciencia sem Fronteiras

Group of students standing behind a Brazilian flag

The Brazilian Government launched the Ciência sem Fronteiras (CsF), also known as Science without Borders (SwB), program in 2012 to encourage Brazilian university students to study in foreign countries. The Brazilian funding agencies CAPES and CNPq award undergraduate and graduate scholarships to students in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

The program has three components:

1. Academic courses: Students must be enrolled in two academic sessions with 4 courses per term;

2. Industry/Research placement: Students participate in a mandatory placement related to their field of study during the summer session (May to August). Based on their interests, students can choose between an industry placement or a research project at UofT;   

3. English course: Depending on their English proficiency, students are required to participate in an English intensive course through the English Learning Program (ELP) for two or four months prior to starting their academic courses.

For current or recently admitted students in the Ciencia sem Fronteiras program refer to Students in Ciencia sem Fronteiras.

For more information contact the International Student Development Officer - Non Degree Programs.