Ghana: Women's Leadership and Gender Rights

Learn about Women Leadership and Gender Rights in Ghana.

The Program

Explore the role of women as members of Ghanaian society and as agents of change alongside 10 other students, Professor Sarah Hillewaert, a UTM staff member and our partners from Operations Groundswell


  • Journey from the metropolitan hub of Accra to the stunning landscape of Cape Coast;
  • Examine opportunities for community-driven advancement and obstacles to gender equality;
  • Reflect on the links between culture, gender, tourism and social justice. 


  • Dates: February 18 to February 26, 2017
  • Estimated Cost: $3250 

Important Dates

Participants must be available on the dates specified below for the pre departure and post-departure sessions as a requirement of participation in this experience. Plus, participation in the pre departure sessions and reflection after the experience will get the experience recognized on the Co-Curricular Record!

Date Description
Monday, September 26 to Monday, October 17 Application Period
Thursday, November 10 from 11 am to 12 pm Pre Departure Orientation: Creating Connections
Thursday, January 5 from 1 to 2 pm Pre Departure Session: A World of Opportunity
Saturday, January 21 approximately 9 to 12 pm Pre Departure Session: Experiential Day
Tuesday, January 10 from 12 to 2 pm or Thursday, February 2 from 2 to 4 pm in DH2060 Safety Abroad Mandatory Sessions at UTM (students can also participate in sessions offered at St George) 
Saturday, February 18 to February 26 Travel Dates
Saturday, March 4 approximately 9 to 12 pm Post Trip Session: The good, the bad and the travel bug


Our partners at Operations Groundswell will lead you through a truly immersive 8 day experience filled with planned daily excursions, educational programming and opportunities to interact with the local community.

Day 1-2

Location: Accra

Description: Home to some of the largest open markets, streets, and stations, Accra makes for the perfect place to get a feel for the hustle and bustle of Ghanaian urban life! We’ll be spending evenings at our home-away-from-home in a small beachside village, and spending the days exploring this vibrant city, visiting with partner organizations who focus on gender equality and access to healthcare and skills training.

Days 3-6

Location: Cape Coast

Description: Our team will take a beautiful and scenic ride south to Cape Coast – a place full of culture, heritage, and opportunity! Here we’ll work with organizations such as the Nkwa Foundation and Hoops Care International, each of which tackles gender inequality and empowers women by organizing programs such as skill training; providing safe spaces for young women to talk openly about sex, feminine hygiene, and relationships; facilitating sustainable and community based development initiatives; and encouraging young girls to play sports, too!

There will also be several opportunities to branch out into many particular niches in the NGO community. Outside of our work with community development organizations, the team has a chance to explore ancient slave castles, relax on the beach, or learn to cook Ghanaian cuisine from our local friends!

Day 7

Location: Princess Town

Description: ‘Disorientation’ is our chance to regroup, relax, debrief, and prepare for our return. We will meet at a community-run guesthouse housed in a former colonial slave castle in Princess Town, back on the Atlantic coast of Ghana. Set against pristine beaches, we will speak to our goals and accomplishments, ways to collaborate on future projects, and how to stay in touch after the program. Everyone will enjoy our last tastes of delicious local cuisine from our wonderful friend and guide, Joseph! This is a place most will never forget. This is a time for reflection, many laughs, chats, and late-night hang out sessions. One of many highlights, and a perfect way to end the program!

Day 8

Location: Accra

Description: On our final day we will decamp to Accra for fond farewells and our flights back home.

Applications for this experience are closed. Check back with us in September.