Apply For Exchange


Tips for Applying

Congratulations! You have chosen your destination and are ready to start your application. The tips below will help you make your submission the best it can be.

CIE Student Portal


You will be asked for the 'Term From' and 'Term To' when you are choosing your schools in the CIE Student Portal. Please use the academic calendar from the university you are applying to in order to determine these dates.

Course List

You will be asked to submit a list of courses you want to take while on exchange when you are choosing your schools in the CIE Student Portal. This list is only meant to give an idea of the types of courses you would like to take. You will be given an opportunity to formally choose your actual courses once you are nominated.

Supporting Documents


You will need to upload a current resume as part of your application. The text below comes from the exchange selection committee;

Your academic and work history are important, but we want to hear about your other experiences as well. Try to include some information showing that you are well rounded, mature and capable of living away from home for an extended period of time. This might include volunteer positions, language proficiency, hobbies, scholarships, as well as any previous international experiences you have had.

The UTM Career Centre can help with your resume. They have a number of tips and example resumes, you can book time to go over your resume and also watch out for their regular Resume Critiques or Blitzes.

Questionnaire Form

To participate in any CIE exchange program, you must upload the Questionnaire Form as part of your online application. In the Questionnaire, you will be asked about the following: 

  • How studying at the institution will complement your U of T academic program: consider course offerings and their pertinence to your program, the study environment, etc.
  • How studying at the institution may help you with your post-U of T endeavours
  • Any key skills and experiences that would enhance your likelihood of success as an exchange student or researcher abroad.
  • Summer research applicants may be asked about their research interests and experience and include information about their prospective supervisors or projects at the host institution, if available.

Your statement of interest should be carefully checked for spelling and grammatical errors. It will be read by the selection committee at the CIE.

This tip sheet about writing a personal statement from the UTM Career Centre is useful. Make sure you have someone you trust carefully read over your submission to check for errors and coherence before you submit it.

Interim Grade Report

Are you a first-year students who has grades for less than 4.0 credits and are enrolled in Y-credit courses? Are you a student factoring in-progress Y-courses into their CGPA to meet requirements? If so, you will need to have your professor(s) in your Y-credit courses complete an Interim Grade Report.

Download the Interim Grade Report here. Bring the completed and signed copy to the IEC before the application deadline.

CIE Funding Application Form

Please note the CIE Funding Application Form will not be available until November 2017

The CIE offers a few different types of funding to help support your exchange. You must apply in order to be considered. Below are some tips from the Bursary Committee;

  • Submit on time. Bursary resources are finite and awards will be distributed first to students who have submitted their applications on time.
  • Be realistic. If you state that you need $10,000 and the Bursary Committee determines that the maximum award should be $2000, the Committee will assume that there is a significant enough gap that you do not have a reasonable to plan to afford to go away.
  • Complete the form based on known information. We know that plans change and where you apply to go on exchange may not be where you end up going. What we are looking for is your current financial status and budgeting plan. We will adjust the amount accordingly if your destination changes.
  • Apply for government student financial assistance. Bursaries are typically issued to students who demonstrate the greatest financial need, and having received government financial aid helps demonstrate this need.
  • Don’t forget your own resources. We are here to help you pay for your own exchange. If circumstances prohibit you from working as a means of contributing, then show that you’re prepared to invest in other ways such as reaching out to other funding partners.

Carefully read over the CIE information on funding and make sure to apply for any bursaries or awards that fit your situation using the CIE Funding Application Form. This form will become available in November 2017.


If you haven't already, start your application online using the CIE Student Portal.

If you have questions or concerns, please email us and we'll get back in touch shortly or drop by the IEC between 12:30 - 4:00 from Monday to Friday for a chat about your options.

Have Questions? Feel free to speak to our UTM Global Mobility Coordinator or post your questions on our Facebook Group.