New Print System FAQ

Now available!  A new way to copy and print on campus.

What's new about the print system?

The way you submitt a print job from a lab computer remains unchanged.  However, the way you release a print job and add funds to T-Card has changed.  This change offers great improvement over the old smartchip based system.

What are the improvements in the new print system?

  • A new easy method of payment.  You can now swipe to pay for a print and copy job instead of inserting T-Card into a card reader.  Say goodbye to INVALID card or Card Flagged errors.
  • Convenience to add funds online using a credit card or use a cash-to-card machine ($5, $10 or $20 bills) located at the Library Print Centre.
  • Secure release station.  Only you can see and release your own print jobs.
  • Print from anywhere at anytime and release it at any print location on campus.
  • Every printer is a multifunction device.  Its a copier and a printer.  Convenience of using both services on a single device throughout the campus.
  • You can even copy/print by logging in with your UTORid.  It really helps if you don't have your T-Card on you.

How does the new payment system work?

New payment system stores funds to PrintCopy account linked to your UTORid.  Funds are deducted from available balance when you use copy or print service.  Its the same technology used by MealPlan office for residence meal plan service on campus.

You can add funds online to PrintCopy account or via cash-to-card machine ($5, $10 or $20 bills) located at the Library Print Centre.

How do I release a print job?

Swipe your T-Card at one of the multifunction printers located at various locations on campus.  Select the job to print from list of jobs displayed on touch screen and select print.

What happens to the money stored on my T-Card smartchip (old system)?

You can still use any remaining funds stored on the old smartchip system.  You are encouraged to add funds to the new system online using a credit card or use a cash-to-card machine ($5, $10 or $20 bills) located at the Library Print Centre.

Where can I use the old print system?

One print release station has been setup at the Library Print Centre where you can print using the old smartchip based print system.  This print station can release both colour and black & white print jobs.

Can I transfer funds from smartchip to the new system?

Sorry funds cannot be transferred between the old and new system.

How do I add funds to PrintCopy account?

You can now add funds online using a credit card or use a cash-to-card machine ($5, $10 or $20 bills) located at the Library Print Centre.

Will I need a new T-Card?


Can I use PrintCopy account for other services on campus?

PrintCopy account is only for copy and print service.

When will the old system expire?

No specific date has been set yet.

Can non-UTM students use the new print system?

New print system is only avaiable to UTM registered students.

Can faculty and staff use the new print system?

This service is only available to UTM registered students.