Missed Tests & Quizzes

A. Missed Term Tests and Quizzes

Students who miss a term test/quiz will be assigned a mark of zero for that test/quiz unless they are granted special consideration.

If the term test/quiz was missed for reasons entirely beyond the student's control, a Special Consideration Form explaining the reason for missing the test/quiz must be submitted to Academic Advisor, Rose Antonio (CCT3018), with original supporting documentation (e.g. U of T Verification of Student Illness or Injury, accident report, death certificate or other documentation confirming non-medical extenuating circumstances), within one week of the missed test. The department will review such requests and students whose requests are approved will be contacted by the instructor.

In addition, students who miss a term test/quiz must declare their absence on ACORN the day of the test/quiz (or by the day after at the latest) in order to receive academic accommodation. Absences include those due to illness, death in the family, religious accommodation or other circumstances beyond their control.

B. Missed Term Test/Quiz Make-up

Students will be informed of the make-up date via email once they have received approval from the CCIT Academic Advisor. Students will write the test within 2 weeks of the original test/quiz. While attempts will be made to provide 5-7 days of notice before the test, please note that sometimes it is not possible and students should therefore be prepared for the make-up test/quiz at any time. There is no opportunity to defer a term test/quiz.

C. Documentation

The Verification of Student Illness or Injury form and Special Consideration Form are available at https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/iccit/students/forms.

The Verification of Student Illness or Injury form must be completed by a Licensed Practitioner based on examination and applicable documented history at the time of illness or injury, not after the fact. Completion of this form does not guarantee that special consideration will be granted. Incomplete forms will not be processed. In some appeal situations, the University may require additional information from you or your practitioner to decide whether or not to grant or confirm special consideration. If you have questions about the Verification of Student Illness or Injury form, please visit http://www.illnessverification.utoronto.ca/.

D. Special Consideration Form

You are responsible for providing an accurate phone number and email address on your Special Consideration Form. It is your responsibility to obtain the decision from the department. Claims that a departmental decision was not received will not be considered as reason for further consideration.