Mixed-Gender Housing

Are you a transgender student concerned about roommates? Are you simply more comfortable living with roommates of different genders? Then consider a mixed-gender housing arrangement.

Diversity is an important part of the cultural landscape at UTM, and we consider gender diversity to be an important aspect of this. We believe that students deserve to live in a housing arrangement that is inclusive of their gender identity. In the interest of creating an equitable and inclusive community, the Department of Student Housing & Residence Life is happy to offer mixed-gender housing options for students. Mixed-gender housing is available for all students, including those who feel that their gender identity or gender expression is not represented in the traditional male and female housing arrangements that are typical of most campuses.

In the residence application, all students have the option to select their gender - but are not required to. Students also have the option to select a Same-Gender Housing arrangement or a Mixed-Gender Housing arrangement. 

Same-Gender Housing arrangements will include 1-3 roommates who have the same gender.

Mixed-Gender Housing arrangements could include 1-3 roommates of any gender.

Mixed-Gender Housing may not be guaranteed, however if mixed-gender housing is a needs-based accommodation or if you would simply like to initiate a conversation with a residence staff member regarding what you see as your gender-specific housing needs, please contact us resdesk.utm@utoronto.ca.

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To learn more about gender diversity programs and support services on campus, please visit the website of the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office. http://www.sgdo.utoronto.ca