*NEW* 2017-2018 Student Meal Plans


UTM's Student Meal Plans have changed for the 2017-18 academic year.

Based on feedback from students through our Resident Student Dining Committee, we have made some changes to your Student Meal Plan. We believe the new plans will provide you with more benefits and allow you to customize your Meal Plan to better suit your dining requirements throughout the year.

The main changes are as follows:

  1. Choose Your Basic and Your Flex - In each Meal Plan Group, you can choose from 2 levels of Basic Dollars and 3 levels of Flex Dollars based on your appetite and the amount of time you spend on campus during the week. If you plan on going home on most weekends, you may decide to choose a smaller Basic and Flex amount.  If you are a joint Sheridan student (your UTM Student Meal Plan is accepted at Sheridan College - Trafalgar Campus), you may decide to choose a smaller Basic amount and a larger Flex amount.  You have until September 27, 2017 to change your Meal Plan. By the end of September, you should be settled into a Meal Plan that will best meet your needs. 
    For more information on selecting your Meal Plan, CLICK HERE.
  2. No More Overhead - The entire balance of the Basic Account of your chosen Meal Plan will be added to your TCard on Residence Move-In.  The 50% portion of your Basic Account will no longer be removed up front in the form of Overhead.  This means that you will now be charged 100% of the purchase price for Basic items because you will have 100% of your Basic Account to spend.
    For more information on the Meal Plan values added to your TCard, CLICK HERE.
  3. Increased Carry Over Eligibility - We have lowered the minimum commitment for Basic spending from $3,209 ($1604.50 Basic Dollars + $1604.50 Overhead) to $1,950 Basic Dollars. Consequently, the amount of your remaining Basic Account eligible for carry over at the end of the academic year will increase. 
    For more information on Carry Over funds, CLICK HERE.

Thanks to the invaluable efforts of our Resident Student Dining Committee, we believe that the changes to UTM's Student Meal Plans will make them easier to understand for students and parents. If you have any questions or feedback regarding our new Student Meal Plan structure, please feel free to contact us at mealplan.utm@utoronto.ca.  We look forward to hearing from you.