Procopius of Caesarea and the Persian Empire

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 1:21pm

On Monday, February 2nd, at 11am -12:30PM, Dr. Henning Börm, Assistant Professor of Ancient History University of Konstanz, Germany, has been invited by the Department of Historical Studies to present a paper to its undergraduate students and to discuss the topic in a warm and student-oriented environment. He is an international widely published expert on the last great Roman historian, Procopius of Caesarea, and the relationship of the later Imperium Romanum with the Sassanid empire. Beyond the late antique East, his interests range from ancient monarchies, Hellenistic cities, and the later Roman empire; he also authored a 2013 monograph on the Western Roman empire. 

For this paper, he will return to Procopius as an author and discuss the historian's knowledge of this Persian empire as well as its impact on our understanding of the Sassanid state and its relationship with Rome.

The event will be held in DV 3130CC.

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