Program Requirements

South Asian Civilizations (Arts)

Minor Program ERMIN1333

4.0 credits, including at least 1.0 credits at the 300/400 level.

Students wishing to complete a South Asian Civilizations Minor Program must successfully complete 4.0 credits from the courses listed in Group A or B below. These must include courses from two of the following disciplines: History (HIS), Religion (RLG), Women and Gender Studies (WGS), or Diaspora and Transnational Studies (DTS) within the Department of Historical Studies, Political Science (POL), Language Studies (LAN), Visual Studies (VCC, CIN, FAH), Sociology (SOC), and Anthropology (ANT).

  1. [First Year] Recommended: ANT102H5, HIS101H5, POL114H5, RLG101H5, SOC100H5, VST100H5 (maximum 1.0 credits)
  2. [Higher Years] 

1.0 credits from the following list of courses: DTS201H5, HIN212Y5, HIS282H5, PRS210Y5, RLG204H5, RLG205H5, RLG206H5, RLG207H5, RLG208H5; SAN291Y5

3.0 credits from the following list of courses: 

Group A: Core Courses 
ANT310H5, ANT316H5, ANT320H5; CIN302H5; DTS201H5; FAH385H5; GGR367H5; HIN212Y5, HIN311H5, HIN312Y5, HIN411H5, HIN412Y5; HIS282H5, HIS382H5, HIS386H5, HIS394H5, HIS484H5; POL303Y5, POL304Y5, POL446H5; PRS210Y5, PRS310Y5; RLG204H5, RLG205H5, RLG206H5, RLG207H5, RLG208H5, RLG304H5, RLG307H5, RLG308H5, RLG310H5, RLG347H5, RLG348H5, RLG356H5, RLG360H5, RLG371H5, RLG373H5, RLG374H5, RLG449H5, RLG460H5; SAN291Y5, SAN392Y5; VCC306H5, VCC360H5, VCC406H5

Group B: Secondary Courses 
In consultation with the Academic Counsellor of the Department for Historical Studies and depending on the focus of the course, the following courses may qualify on a year-to-year basis: ARA211Y5, ARA212Y5, ARA312Y5, ARA412Y5; HIS366H5, HIS493H5; RLG305H5, RLG370H5, RLG450H5, RLG451Y5, RLG452H5, RLG470H5; SOC354H5, SOC375H5; WGS335H5, WGS368H5


Students without pre- and co-requisites or written permission of the instructor can be de-registered from courses at any time.