History of Religions

History of Religions

As scholar Gary Kessler puts it, religion is ‘a force that influences, for good or for ill, the lives of practically everyone who is alive’. According to Kessler, the study of Religion aids in preparation for many kinds of careers: a wide variety of employers are looking for people who are tolerant of diversity, are able to learn from other, are adaptable to new situations, and have knowledge of history and international affairs.

The study of Religion not only provides a broad knowledge of many cultural, historical, and artistic traditions, but also builds skills in critical thinking and writing, critical analysis, socio-cultural analysis and comparative analysis of the ‘other’. These skills equip students to succeed in many career paths such as, business, social services, law, medicine, non-profit organizations and academia.

Examples of potential professions:

  • Academia
  • Administration
  • Advertising
  • Art
  • Counselling
  • Diplomacy
  • Government
  • Human Resources
  • International Development
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Library
  • Media
  • Publishing
  • Social Work
  • Teaching
  • Travel

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