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Globally Supportive

Providing groundbreaking programming and welcoming students from around the world, U of T Mississauga nurtures cultural diversity and builds global fluency.


U of T Mississauga is a culturally diverse campus at the heart of a culturally diverse community. With a student population representing more than 120 different countries, our educational environment is truly global. And our program offerings reflect this reality. Our students learn that to embrace a world of possibilities, they need to, first, embrace the world.

Students & Globalism

Photo of Rumeet Billan.Photo of Desmond Parker.Photo of Jane Goodall.Photo of students in common area.

Rumeet Billan

Alumna, ’06, ’10, ’14. Inaugural recipient of UTM’s Desmond Parker Outstanding Young Alumni Award.
Photo of Rumeet Billan.

Rumeet Billan Tackles Education Worldwide

Alumna Rumeet Billan learned to embrace the world early in her academic career. As a second-year student in industrial relations and sociology, she started her own business, Jobs in Education, an internet job board for teachers.

She soon augmented her business with social entrepreneurship, using company profits to promote education here at home but also in Africa and South America. She helped fund and build schools in Kenya, Sierra Leone and Ecuador. The achievement she’s proudest of is founding the Toor Centre for Teacher Education in rural Kenya: “I helped hire staff, supervise renovations and create a strategic plan. It was the best way I knew of to remove the barriers to education.”

Named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network not once but twice, she is the inaugural recipient of UTM’s Desmond Parker Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

Desmond Parker

Alumnus ’76


UTM attracts students from all over the world, and prepares them to succeed – whether at home or abroad. Desmond Parker, one of our most distinguished alumni, served as Chief of Protocol at the United Nations. In 1970, he arrived on campus from Trinidad and Tobago with a burning ambition to become a diplomat. While here, he received the language and critical thinking skills that have seen him rise to positions of exceptional prominence in peacekeeping and administration at the UN.

Photo of Desmond Parker.

Jane Goodall

Environmentalist and UN Messenger of Peace
Photo of Jane Goodall.


Our commitment to providing students with global perspective is pervasive. Our Centre for South Asian Civilizations promotes greater understanding of South Asia through culture, history, language, religion and people as well as through research and cultural exchange. And through public lectures with renowned individuals such as environmentalist and UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall, we share informed views of world issues and events.


Photo of students in common area.


UTM’s tradition of attracting students from abroad, including a Science Without Borders scholarship program for Brazilian undergraduates, has grown exponentially. To ensure that borders really are removed for all our international students, we offer a number of initiatives including an Academic Culture and English program that helps develop English language proficiency and study skills, School of Continuing Studies courses for immigrants and newcomers to aid in integration and job placement, and the widely accepted International English Language Testing System (IELTS).