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The Peer Health Education team is a dedicated group of students who work closely with the health promotion staff at the Health & Counselling Centre to research, develop and deliver a variety of health education and health promotion initiatives that engage students in learning about health and wellness and specific ways in which they can increase control over, and improve, their own health.  

Peer Health Educators outreach to students through a variety of mechanisms including workshops, interactive displays, communication campaigns, developing print and web-based health promotion materials, and partnering with other campus groups on health initiatives.  Peer Health Educators also provide each other with a supportive community that promotes personal growth, skill development, and peer support.


Mental Health Team:

The Mental Health Team educates students about mental health, challenges stigma surrounding mental illness, and raises awareness of mental health resources available to support students. Employing a strengths-based approach, the team creates opportunities for all students to reflect upon and engage in activities that enhance wellbeing and foster resiliency by facilitating seminars and trainings related to personal wellbeing and The 5 Ways To Wellbeing.  This team consists of 1 Team Leader and 5 Volunteers.

Drugs & Alcohol Team:

The Drugs & Alcohol Team raises awareness and provides education about the physical, academic and social effects of drug and alcohol use and misuse.  The team encourages individuals who choose to use alcohol to do so in safer ways and promotes a community approach to responsible alcohol use.  The Drugs & Alcohol team respects individual choices and utilizes a harm reduction approach to educating students about the risks associated with recreational drug use and promotes the resources available to help break dependencies.  This team consists of 1 Team Leader and 5 Volunteers.

Nutrition & Healthy Eating Team:

The Nutrition Team promotes healthier eating as part of a holistic approach to overall wellness and academic success.  Working closely with the HCC Registered Dietitian, the nutrition peer health educators provide information and teach skills that promote making healthier nutritional choices on- and off-campus.  Using Canada's Food Guide as a starting point, the team encourages students to choose nutrient-rich foods more often and supports students in meeting their nutritional goals in a healthy and sustainable way. This team consists of 1 Team Leader and 5 Volunteers.


The MoveU Crew promotes healthy active living as part of a balanced approach to being happy, healthy and well, and focuses on the physical, mental and academic benefits of keeping active.  The team works closely with the Department of Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation to provide students with opportunities to engage in physical activity through the programs and facilities available through the RAWC as well as within the community.  This team consists of 1 Team Leader and 5 Volunteers. 

Leave The Pack Behind Team:

Leave the Pack Behind (LTPB) is a tobacco education, reduction and cessation initiative for students on post-secondary campuses.  The LTPB program integrates cessation, protection and prevention activities to promote tobacco reduction among students.  They support occasional and regular smokers looking to quit or reduce their tobacco use, support students in staying smoke-free, and work to protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke. Leave The Pack Behind is not anti-smoker. It is an organization and a resource for all students, smokers and non-smokers alike.  This team consists of a Campus Program Coordinator, 2 Brand Ambassadors, Team Leader and 5 volunteers. 

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