Up on our fridge...

Whenever someone at the HCC comes across a newspaper article worth sharing, out come our scissors and the clipping gets pinned to our fridge. Not everyone has access to our fridge though so we also post them here for others to enjoy.


Date    Title & Link
12-Dec    "Tech neck" from looking down at mobile devices worries experts
24-Nov    Ontario bans campus tobacco sales
16-Oct    The real effects of marijuana on teens
 9-Sept    Four ways socializing can help you live a healthier life 
 9-Sept    Back to School: MoveU reminds students to exercises wherever they are
 8-Sept    Addressing youth mental health key to tackling suicide prevention
15-Aug    Thoughts on depression from an Autistic mind



19- Jan      

19- Jan



   After dad died, I still didn't feel safe. Until now.

   A parenting trend with an anti-guilt clause

   Why keeping fit is the best kind of personal therapy

   The one thing you should be doing more to relax: Unclench

   Surviving anxiety

   Flu vaccinations available to UTM students

11-Nov    Raising awareness of violence against women
3-Nov    Video: UTM Mental Health
31-Oct    Meet candid cartoonist Allie Brosh - an unlikely poster girl for depression
24-Oct    The new wave in sex ed: Teens talking to teens about sex
22-Oct    Know these five flu shot myths before you think about turning it down
22-Oct    When rape culture and booze culture meet
21-Oct    Province funds mental health services
18-Oct    Students reaching for ADHD drugs to deal with academic stress
9-Feb    Bridgepoint Hospital shines light on a dark past
     To text is to sleep