Green Ribbon Campaign

Wear a
GREEN Ribbon
to help
ReTHINK Mental Illness!

                   accEptance &

A green ribbonWhile society’s attitude towards mental illness is improving, many people with mental illnesses are still stigmatized due to a lack of knowledge and understanding.

You can help reduce that stigma by wearing a green ribbon to signify that you challenge oppressive beliefs surrounding mental health illnesses.   Show your support and help raise awareness by:

  • Wearing the Green Ribbon on your jacket or backpack
  • Reading up on mental health issues on the Health & Counselling Centre website
  • Becoming familiar with the mental health resources for students available on- and off-campus
  • Sharing the information you’ve learned with friends and family
  • Being aware of the language you use.  Words like “crazy”, “nuts”, and “insane” only help to perpetuate the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.