3.1 Committee meetings will be scheduled bi-monthly at a predetermined time and location.  Changes to the meeting schedule may take place with the agreement of the co-chairs, provided that the period of time between any two committee meetings does not exceed three months.


3.2 The worker co-chair and the management co-chair will alternate duties as chairperson every second Committee meeting.


3.3  A quorum for Committee meetings will consist of 50% plus one of the Committee members, with both worker and management representation and at least one co-chair person.  The number of management members must not exceed the number of worker members.  Student representatives or guests do not count towards the determination of the quorum.

Agenda Items

3.4  The co-chairs will prepare a copy of the agenda for each meeting and distribute it to all members, the Responsible Line Manager, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at least one week in advance of regularly scheduled Committee meetings.

3.5  Agenda items will consist of workplace health and safety issues.  Agenda items should be dealt with by consensus.

3.6  Agenda items which continue to be unresolved by the committee after three consecutive meetings will be referred to the Responsible Line Manager.


3.7  The Responsible Line Manager will provide clerical assistance with respect to the typing, filing and timely circulation of the agenda and minutes of Committee meetings.

3.8  The Committee shall designate a Secretary of the Committee to take minutes at all Committee meetings.

3.9  Minutes of Committee meetings are to be prepared in a timely fashion, reviewed and signed by both co-chairs prior to circulation and posting.  The co-chairs are responsible for ensuring that signed Committee minutes are promptly posted on the local safety bulletin boards in the workplace provided by the Responsible Line Manager for such use.  Copies are to be sent to committee members, the Responsible Line Manager, the Unions represented on the Committee and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.