5.1  It is agreed that employees are to be encouraged to take health and safety concerns to their immediate supervisor before bringing it to the Committee member.

5.2  It is understood and agreed that all personal and medical information is to be kept confidential.  Any references to such information in Committee minutes must be done in a manner that prevents any identification of an individual’s personal or medical information.

5.3   Committee members are to be provided with one hour or such longer period of time as the Committee determines is necessary to prepare for each Committee meeting.

5.4  Pursuant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Committee, through the co-chairs, will be advised of any relevant workplace hygiene and safety testing, and a worker member, preferably a certified member, of the Committee may be present at the beginning of such testing.  A copy of workplace test reports will be provided to the co-chairs.

5.5  The Committee may amend these terms of reference at any time, as deemed necessary to facilitate the ongoing harmonious operation of the Committee.

5.6   A copy of these terms of reference and any subsequent revisions must be filed with the Responsible Line Manager, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, and the Unions represented on the Committee.