Functions of the Committee


2.1 It is the function of the Committee to:

(a)    identify, evaluate and make recommendations concerning workplace health and safety issues;

(b)   inspect the workplace an a regular basis;

(c)    be consulted about and provide input into workplace health and safety programs; and

(d)   discuss other workplace health and safety issues and reports as appropriate.


2.2 The inspections will be completed by one worker member and one management member of the Committee.  There must always be at least one worker member on the inspection teams. 

2.3 Committee members will inspect designated areas determined by an annual inspection      schedule to be prepared by the Committee.

2.4 The Committee will prepare and adopt inspection forms.  All Committee members conducting inspections will use the approved inspection form. Upon completion of the inspection, the forms will be signed by the Committee member(s) conducting the inspection, and by a member of the department being inspected.  Completed inspection forms will be provided to the appropriate manager and the co-chairs within five (5) working days of the completion if the inspection.

Recommendations of the Committee

2.5 The Committee shall forward any recommendation to the Responsible Line Manager and the Director, Environmental Health and Safety and the Union(s).  The Responsible Line Manager will provide a written response to the Committee recommendations (in accordance with section 9(20) and (21) of the Act) to the co-chairs within 21 calendar days after the receipt of the written recommendations.  This response shall include a timetable for implementing the recommendations the Responsible Line Manager agrees with, and the reasons for disagreement with any recommendations not accepted.

Accident Investigations

2.6 The Employer will provide lost-time/medical aid information to the co-chairs on a regular basis and upon request

2.7 Where a worker is killed or critically injured on the job, a worker member and management member, preferably certified members, shall investigate the accident and inspect the place where the accident occurred.  The findings of the investigation shall be provided to the Committee, the appropriate manager, the Responsible Line Manager, the Office of the Environment Health and Safety, the Ministry of Labour and the Union(s).

Ministry of Labour Inspections

2.8 A worker member and management member, preferably certified members, are to be notified and accompany any Ministry of Labour inspector conducting inspections of the workplace.  The Director, Environmental Health and Safety shall also be notified, and the Director or his accompany may also accompany the inspector.

Work Refusals

2.9 A worker member and a management member, preferably certified members, will be notified and attend a work refusal of any employee without delay.  The Director, Environmental Health and Safety shall also be notified, and he or his designate may attend the work refusal.