Composition of the Committee

Member Selection

1.1  There shall be at least as many worker members as management members on the Committee.  The Unions and other employee groups will select these workers. The Unions are: USWA, Local 1998; CUPE, Local 3261; OPSEU, Local 519; CUPE, Local 3902;  and CAW, Local 2003.  The number of representatives from each Union shall be as follows:

USWA, Local 1998:           4          OPSEU, Local 519:                 1

CUPE, Local 3261:           1           CUPE, Local 3902:                 1

CAW, Local 2003:              1

In addition, there should be at least one faculty member on the Committee.  There should be a member, either worker or manager, from each of the following buildings: Academic Learning Centre, CCIT, Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre, Kaneff, Student Centre, North, Residence (one from each building that is also a workplace), South and a member from a Science department. 


1.2  There will be two co-chairpersons (co-chairs) of the Committee, one co-chair to be selected by the worker members of the Committee and one co-chair to be selected by the management members of the Committee.

Certified Members

1.3  There will be at least two certified members, one who represents workers, and one who represents management. The Unions being represented by the committee will select the worker members to be certified. The Responsible Line Manager shall select the management member to be certified.


1.4  Additional persons may attend Committee meetings with the approval of both co-chairs.