September 20, 2006

Minutes of Meeting:

Wednesday, September 20, 2006 - 9:00 a.m.

Room 3138, South Building


Present:          Sandy Arch, Lisa Cheung, Dave Clancy, Rob Eidukaitis, Margaret Fung, Adrian Georgescu, Paull Goldsmith, John Janczura, Rubina Lewis, Liz Martin, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Jack Pienczykowski, Susan Senese, April Wong, Fred Wrigh

Regrets: Evan Apsit, Ray deSouza, Patrick Doyle

1.Approval Of Agenda

MOVED by Rubina Lewis, SECONDED by Sandy Arch, that the agenda be approved as distributed.

2.Minutes of the Previous Meeting

MOVED by Fred Wright, SECONDED by Paull Goldsmith, that the minutes be approved as distributed.

3. Introduction of new Members

Len introduced two new members of the Committee:  Susan Senese, a Librarian, and Dave Clancy, the Facility Manager for the new Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre.  Representatives are still required from the Residences, the CCT building, and the Kaneff Centre.  The Committee would also like to have at least one member of the teaching faculty.  There was some discussion about having a representative from the Student Centre, but as the Coordinator of the Centre is the only University employee and that position is currently vacant, this may not be possible or appropriate.  However, Mark Overton could be approached and asked to suggest someone.  It is hoped that someone from Psychology would be interested in representing the CCT building on the Committee.

4. Bussiness Arising from the Minutes

a)  U of T Smoking Policy and UTM Campaign

No formal reply has been received to the letter sent to the VP of HR and Equity on May 2. Sandra Deike of EHS sent an e-mail to Len and Sandy advising them that a small group has been formed to look at issues related to the University's smoking policy, and inviting them to submit names of people who would like to be involved.  Sandy and Paull volunteered.

Len invited members of the Committee to pick up a Move Your Butt T-shirt before leaving the meeting. Committee members are invited to go out in their T-shirts at lunch and hand out pamphlets.  All frosh living in Residence received a pamphlet in a kit from the Health Service.  Signs are being prepared for washrooms, and the flash presentation will be given to Computing Services.  Sandy suggested we plan to target Weedless Wednesday (in January). 

b) Accident Reports

Len reviewed the accident reports received since June, three of which involved staff.  The remaining half dozen involved students or visitors to the campus.  Len mentioned an area of particular concern regarding bicycles and cars:  the north entrance to campus.  This has been reported to the city in the hope that they can provide signage.

It was noted that accidents involving staff should be investigated by members of the Committee, and that the members responsible for inspections of areas where accidents take place should be notified, so they can be particularly vigilant for hazards.   Louise will speak to Maureen in HR about forwarding accidents involving staff to the co-chairs of the JHSC.  Margaret Fung will also check to see what is currently being sent to the co-chairs from EHS.

c) Workplace Inspections and Revised Inspection Forms

The Inspection list is still being revised to reflect changes to the membership of the Committee.  The list should be finalized for the next meeting.  Since there are more than 100 labs on campus, more people are required to inspect them; it is too much for two people.  It was suggested that at least one of the people inspecting labs be a non-lab person, as they might be more likely to spot hazards.  It was clarified that where only one member of the inspection team is available, that person may inspect on their own, provided they are a worker member.  It was noted that, while at least one of the buildings/locations should be done in the month assigned, the rest could be done at other times throughout the year.  It was also suggested that locations could be broken up into smaller segments to make the time commitment more manageable. 

Lisa distributed the draft Inspection checklists (one for offices, one for labs) which she had prepared, after discussion with Louise and Rubina. Lisa wondered whether the industrial form should be used for the shop, or whether the general form could be modified for this purpose.  Len asked the Committee to review the forms and provide feedback directly to Lisa.  [The forms were sent to the Committee following the meeting.]

d) Chemical Disposal

Paull has arranged to have a single day in October for pick up of all chemical waste at UTM.  He invited Lisa and Rubina to provide him with a date in October; he needs at least three weeks' notice.  Paull will need to know the quantities ahead of time, and everything must be brought to the loading dock.  Unknown chemicals must be in a sealed container for transportation.  Lisa has some manometers containing mercury; Paull will ask how they need to be packaged for safe removal.  Paull will also approach Ulli Krull to see if he wants to advise other researchers.

e)  Fire Blankets

Paull confirmed that fire blankets were no longer required and that if they were removed because they contained asbestos, they would not be replaced. 

f) South Building Safety Audit

Len is working with Adrian on getting the lights in the washroom altered so they cannot be turned off.  Cameras are being installed in the new RAWC and the new Academic Learning Centre.  At this time, no signs about hours of operation for buildings will be posted, as this will be referred to the signage committee.

5. New Bussiness

a)  New members

This item was already covered.

b) New defibrillators (Wellness Centre and North Building)

New defibrillators are in place in the RAWC, one in the pool, one in the track/fitness area.  Staff need to be trained on their use; Rachel is the trainer for this area.  One has just been purchased for the North Building, which will be located in Room 161.  Anyone wishing to be trained on the use of the non-RAWC defibrillators should contact Jack directly.  Training takes about two hours for people with CPR training, and an additional half day for those without CPR training.  It is hoped that in the future we will have one defibrillator in every building.

c)  Respirators

Rubina asked whether UTM has a positive pressure respirator available for a professor planning an experiment with carbon dioxide.  Margaret pointed out that there is a respiratory protection program in place, and people using respirators have to be trained. It is important to have controls and monitors in place.  The faculty member will be asked to contact Margaret directly, and Margaret will advise Len and Sandy if they need to look at anything in the lab in question.

d) Tornado Warnings in UTM directory

Liz asked whether consideration had been given to including something on tornado warnings in the emergency procedures section of the directory.  Len said there is a draft emergency plan for severe weather warnings and tornadoes, which could be included in the directory.

e) Joint Health and Safety Day

  Margaret advised that the Joint Health and Safety Day will take place on Tuesday, October 24, at 89 Chestnut Street, and asked everyone to mark this date on their calendars.  The agenda is still being finalized with the Steelworkers.

f) Joint Health and Safety Survey

Margaret advised that a survey was going out to members of all Joint Health and Safety Committees, to identify obstacles to their functioning effectively.

g) Online orientation for new employees

A new orientation program will now be required for all faculty and staff.  The program takes 30 minutes, includes a quiz and is done online.  Margaret is looking for volunteers to try the program.  She will sign up the Committee, so that anyone interested can try it out.

h)  Lifting Devices

Adrian is completing the documentation for the lifts.


Adrian needs WHMIS training for his new staff.  He will try to coordinate the WHMIS training with Lisa Cheung.

j) Bulletin Boards

Fred will install a Health and Safety Bulletin board in the RAWC, and in the new Academic Learning Centre, once it opens.  It was suggested that the list of members be updated, and that contact information for members also appear on the list.

k)  Pandemic Plan

Sandy asked for an update on the pandemic planning that was happening at U of T last year.  Paull Goldsmith is on the Committee and has been attending bi-monthly meetings. Quite a bit of work is being done on this; the University has hired consultants and is also working with people from the University Health Network.

l)  Women's Washroom on third floor, South

Lisa mentioned that the door to one of the washrooms has a problem with the hydraulic close, so that it snaps back.  She hurt her wrist while opening the door one day.  Paull suggested that Lisa put in a work request to have the door repaired.


The meeting adjourned at 10:33 a.m.

NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, November 15, 9:00 a.m.