September 26, 2007

Minutes of Meeting:

Wednesday September 26, 2007-9:00AM

Room 3129, South Building

Present: Sandy Arch, Lisa Cheung, Ray deSouza, Gayle Dykeman, Rob Eidukaitis, Adrian Georgescu, Paull Goldsmith, John Janczura, Rubina Lewis, Liz Martin, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Jack Pienczykowski, April Wong

Regrets: Dave Clancy, Laura MacDonald, , Bill McFadden, Susan Senese, Rachel Tennant

1. Approval of Agenda

Moved by Paull Goldsmith, seconded by Rubina Lewis, that the Agenda be approved. CARRIED

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved by Sandy Arch, seconded by Rubina Lewis, that the minutes be approved. CARRIED

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

a) Accident Reports

There had been three staff incidents since the last meeting, one an injury, two related to exposure to dust and other particles in the eyes. There had been two trip/fall incidents involving visitors, both resulting in claims filed with the University's Department of Risk Management and Insurance. In each case, the site had been inspected and remedial action taken to prevent future occurrences. Len, Paull and Laura had also been involved in a claim that a class room was too hot/humid; Laura had been a great help in moving things forward to a satisfactory resolution.

b) Certified Members and Training Update

Laura had prepared a handout summarizing the responses to her survey of the Part 2 courses required by members of the Committee. Laura had confirmed that courses recently completed elsewhere by some members were equivalent to the Part 2 training. Members need a minimum of three to five Part 2 courses to be certified. Adrian has enough, and Rob needs one more. At least three committee members had identified their need for the same courses. As those courses (fire safety, stress management and wellness, harassment and violence in the workplace) are not offered by EHS, Laura suggested she could contact the trainers for those courses to see if the training could be done at UTM. She would like the committee to suggest several dates. It was noted that others may wish to take the three courses identified above. Louise will collect forms from the Committee members with their availability and send dates to Laura.

It was noted that currently, following the departure of Patrick Doyle, there are no fully certified workers on the committee.

c) Decommissioning labs - Documentation and Checklists

Laura had prepared a draft document for distribution to the Committee. She asked that it not be circulated beyond the Committee, as it is still being extensively revised. The Committee was asked to review the document, and identify issues not on the checklist. Len suggested the Committee forward these to Sandy, him or Louise, who will then send them to Laura. Laura would like to use UTM as a trial site to fine-tune the process, and then standardize the procedure across the University. Since UTM already has a procedure in place, and departments know the hazards in their labs, it was decided that we will begin working with the document right away; this will also help us identify issues to bring to Laura's attention. Len will send out an electronic copy to the Committee, and asked that the document remain within the Committee for now.

d) Written Report from Manager, Health and Safety UTM

Ray reminded the Committee that the Manager position is shared with Environmental Health and Safety, and noted that it is the first of its kind. If the model is successful, other divisions may implement something similar. The position had been created and implemented during Peter Nicol's tenure as Director, and had been based on a shared vision of a systems approach to health and safety rather than a reactive one. Peter has since left the University, and a search is underway for a new Director. Once the new director is in place, Ray will explore the feasibility of continuing the arrangement for a joint position. In the meantime, Laura is fully engaged as Acting Director of EHS, and is not able to act in her capacity as Manager, Health and Safety at UTM.

Laura will be meeting with Angela Hildyard, Christina Sass-Kortsak, and Sandra Deike on September 27, regarding the University's smoking policy. She will be taking the Committee's letter to Angela Hildyard of May 2, 2006 to that meeting.

e) Hands-free Phones in Elevators

Paull advised that this work will be done shortly, and the elevators will remain in service while the work is being done.

f) Asbestos Inventory

Paull advised that this work will start today at 5:00 p.m.

g) Stair Related Hazards

The stairs in the Student Centre have now been modified to make them more visible to people with low vision. The railings have now been installed on the seating steps in the RAWC.

h) CCT Hazards to people with Low vision

Adrian and Liz have identified areas to be addressed in the CCT Building in the next two months. Liz had previously spoken to the architect about the green on white signs, and the fact that they were not visible to people with low visibility. The architect had said they would be outlined in black, but this was never done. It is important that issues such as this be identified and raised quickly, ideally before buildings are turned over to us, so the cost of doing them can be charged to capital projects.

i) Hazards in the RAWC

The patio access to the green roof has not yet been fixed. Currently, there is a bracket on the building that could be used as a ladder to climb onto the roof. Apparently, a plate will be installed on the bracket to prevent people from climbing on the roof, but it has not yet been delivered. We must stress to Capital Projects and the Architects that this is a liability, and that something needs to be done in the interim - either the bracket should be removed, or the area should be cordoned off.

On one side of the building, there are grates over the windows that resemble steps, but cannot hold the weight of a person. There is the risk someone could try to climb to the roof on them.

The slate steps are a hazard. This was raised with the architect during construction, and something was to be done, but it was not. Again, it is important that these things be brought forward as quickly as possible so we can hold the appropriate people accountable.

4. New Business

a) Elevator to CCT Parking Garage

In the evenings, sometimes the elevator to the parking garage does not work. This is a problem for people working late. John advised that the elevator shuts itself off and an engineer needs to turn it back on. Paull will investigate this.

b) Procedure for Disposal of large assets

Departments with large items that cannot be repaired should obtain an asset disposal form from Vince Alaggia in Business Services. It is important to be aware of the presence of mercury or other items (e.g. magnets) in such equipment to ensure they are dealt with safely.

c) Committee membership

There have been several changes to the composition of the Committee. We still need a faculty member on the Committee. It was suggested that we may want to invite Paul Handley, who is now at the Library, to sit on the Committee. Len will contact Mary Ann Mavrinac to see if she wants additional membership from the management of the Library. We are still waiting to hear about a member from the CCT Building. Len reminded the Committee that members serving as a member of a Union must have their membership endorsed by their Union.

A new list of members will be appended to these minutes.

d) Posting of Committee Minutes

Fred Wright used to post the minutes of the JHSC; he has now retired. It was suggested that perhaps members could take over posting the minutes for their areas. Adrian will provide a list of the boards.

e) Traffic Patterns and Road hazards

Dangerous traffic patterns have been noticed on campus. At the RAWC, when dropping people off at the lay-by, many drivers make U-turns. This caused numerous problems while the summer camps were running. Today, there is an event, with a sign outside encouraging people to turn and drop off; the resulting chaos resulted in at least one near-accident. In order to minimize the risk of accidents, the drop-off should be on the same side as the lay-by, or people can go to lot 4, and park.

Yesterday, a large CANPAR delivery truck at the loading dock to the Library was parked so that one-third of its nose was in the CCT driveway. A car had to move into the oncoming lane to avoid the truck, and narrowly missed an oncoming car. When conditions are not so ideal (slippery surfaces, dark conditions, glare), a serious accident could result from this. It was suggested that deliveries be made in smaller trucks, or that the trucks be forced to parallel park. Laura is in the area where deliveries are received, and she says all delivery people complain about the loading dock. It was suggested that the Committee officially bring this issue to the attention of the Library, so that the problem can be resolved quickly. The entrance to the CCT garage is very narrow, and if someone is entering while someone else is exiting, one car has to back up. It was suggested that a mirror be installed so cars can see what is ahead. Paull(?) will look into this. Liz advised that there are issues with the placement of the "Wrong Way" sign, which nearly resulted in a bus hitting someone the other day. Len will look into this. On the positive side, Paull mentioned that there have been a lot of improvements made to the cross-walks, and positive feedback has been received about the new speed bumps. A lot of work has been done on lighting and landscaping around the campus as well.

f) Other hazards on campus

It was suggested that everyone be alert for hazards or things that are not working properly, and report them. We should not assume that something we see has already been reported and will be repaired. We should encourage others to bring forward concerns they have so that we may make the campus as safe as possible.

g) Odour in Geography Lab

Lisa heard from a faculty member in Geography that on occasion, there is a very strong hydrogen sulphide smell in the lab. They have reported it, but by the time someone comes, the odour is gone. Lisa will advise Paull of the room number.

h) Issues in RAWC

People aren't sure who to report things to in the RAWC. For example, when outside activities are going on (e.g., Mississauga Aquatics Club), the kids leave their backpacks all over the floor instead of putting them in day lockers. This creates a tripping hazard for others using the space. In other cases, problems have been reported to people at the control desk, and nothing appears to have been done even days later. It was suggested that people contact Dave Clancy, as he is the manager for the facility.

i) Crush Area in South Building

Len advised that it is increasingly difficult to travel the corridors near Room 2068 and the other large lecture areas, particularly when classes are changing. This is being dealt with as part of the renovations for the space, and should improve.

The meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.

Next Meeting (Change of Date):

Wednesday November 28, 2007, 9:00AM, Room 3138 Alumni Lounge, South Building,

Note: Ray deSouza has arranged for light refreshments for this meeting.