September 16, 2009

Minutes of Meeting

UTM Joint Health & Safety Committee

Wednesday, September 16th 2009- 9:00AM

Room 2068B, South Building

Present:  Rob Eidukaitis,  Paul Handley, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Sandy Arch,  Andrea De Vito, Mylene Vincent, Ivan Ampuero, Paull Goldsmith, Susan Allison, We-Ting Shek

Regrets:    Devin Kreuger,  Khalique Mohiuddin, Louise Oliver, Rubina Lewis, Susan Senese, Dave Clancy and Gayle Dykeman,

Approval of Agenda

Moved by Paull Goldsmith, seconded by Laura Patterson that the Agenda be approved.


Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved by Rob Eidukaitis, seconded by Mylene Vincent, that the previous minutes be approved.



 The committee welcomed Susan Allison (USW) from the CCT Building as a new member of the committee.

The committee also welcomed Wei-Ting Shek, EH&S office, as an ex-officio member of the committee.

Business Arising from the Minutes

a) Accident Reports

There had been 1 staff  related incident since the last meeting, which resulted in lost time. 

b)Training Courses

 During the summer months members attended a variety of training courses on topics such JHSC Inspections, JHSC Accident Investigations, Ladder Safety, Respirator training and Bio Hazards.

 c) Pandemic Planning Updates

The committee discussed the information and  plans on flu pandemic which the university has provided via web sites, letters and e-mails.  It was agreed that a lot of useful information was available to the community including the federal and provincial guidelines for flu prevention.

UTM is installing additional hand sanitizing stations at the food locations and Caretaking Services is doing extra cleaning in high traffic  locations.

New Business

a) Noise in the CCT Atrium

Faculty and staff members on the 4th floor level of the CCT Building have complained to the JHSC Committee and to the CAO’s office on the noise levels from persons using the CCT Atrium.  The noise from the CCT Atrium is echoed off the upper floor areas and roof.  Faculty and staff have reported that they often have to work with their doors closed and in some cases the noise has caused stress and anxiety.    This complaint has been reviewed by Len Paris and the matter is being addressed by the CAO’s office and Paull Goldsmith.  It was recommended that faculty and staff in the CCT Building be given prior notification of events in the CCT Atrium and that the use of amplified sound equipment be limited in that area.

b) Chemical Safety

The committee will review the procedures for chemical spills and incidents.  It was also recommended that we have a new contact person available that could offer advice on chemical spills and other matters involving chemicals. 

c)  Wearing of Rubber Gloves outside of Lab Areas

The Committee discussed the matter of persons wearing rubber gloves and lab coats outside of  the lab areas.  It was agreed that this was an issue that should be addressed with more training for lab users on the use of gloves, goggles and  lab coats.  We-Ting to follow up re training.

 d) EH&S Five Year Plan for UTM

The Committee discussed some of the initiatives suggested in the EH&S plans such as a new data base for hazards and tracking of health and safety incidents & injuries.

Further plans and obtaining feedback on priorities and initiatives will be discussed at the November 18th, meeting.

e) EH&S Manager at UTM

Wei-Ting Shek has been selected as the new EH&S Manager at UTM .  In November 2009 Wei will work at UTM for two days each week.  Wei has already looked at several training issues, initiatives and priorities for UTM.

5.Other Business

a) Certified Members

Sandra Arch, Rob Eidukaitis and Len Paris have received their certificates as a Certified   Member of the committee.  This bring the number of certified members on the committee to six (three worker members and three management members)

b) JH&SC Website

Rob Eidukaitis has completed the work on revising the UTM JHSC web site.  Please send any recommendations or updates to Rob.

c) CCT Elevators           

The committee recommends that signs should be posted when an elevator is out of service or is being repaired.  Faculty and staff should contact Facilities to report elevator problems or malfunctions.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday November 18th, 2009, 9:00AM, Room 3129 (Ante Room), South Building