October 19, 2011


Minutes of Meeting

UTM Joint Health & Safety Committee


Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 9:00 a.m.

Room 3129, William G. Davis Building



Present:           Sandy Arch, Terry Bottrill, Dave Clancy, Andrea De Vito, Rob Eidukaitis, Adrian Georgescu, Paull Goldsmith, Kristen Harshman-Best, Devin Kreuger, Rubina Lewis, Holly Marsh, Dale Mullings, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Anthony Sestito, Wei-Ting Shek, Beth Spilchuk, Steve Suraci


Regrets:           Ivan Ampuero, Susan Allison, Tamara Breukelman, Mike Foley, Patrick Gunning, Paul Handley, John Janczura, Khalique Mohiuddin, Susan Senese, Mylene Vincent



The Committee welcomed Beth Spilchuk from the Department of Student Housing and Residence Life, a new USW member to the Committee.



Approval of Agenda


Moved by Paull Goldsmith, seconded by Sandy Arch, that the agenda be approved.       



Minutes of Previous Meeting


Moved by Terry Bottrill, that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved.                                                                                                


Business Arising from the Minutes


              a)       Accident Reports


There had been eight incidents since the last meeting, four involving minor injuries and four resulting in lost time.  Those involved were given advice and information intended to reduce similar occurrences in future.  Because some of the incidents involved lifting, Wei is developing training for manual and material handling for maintenance workers, caretaking and stores staff. 


Len is meeting with Grounds about traffic and pedestrian safety on campus.  He urged members of the Committee to look at their workplaces and identify anything that could contribute to slips, trips and falls, and address them.  This can be done by speaking to the supervisor for the area; if no action is taken in response, the issue should be brought to the next meeting.  For items observed outside, Paull Goldsmith or the Grounds department should be notified so they can be addressed.


               b)      Chemical Waste Disposal Day - Fall


          Paull and Adrian will schedule this for the first or second week in December, and will advise the Committee.  It was suggested that non-laboratory areas that also have solvents and chemicals be included.  (Date has been set for December 13th, 2011)


                        c)        Laboratory Safety Program & Lab Safety Manual Distribution


                        One hundred copies of the lab manuals and posters are being distributed to labs now; it is suggested that the manuals be placed in a prominent place in labs.  Training will be available at a later date.  The Committee thanked Wei for all her hard work on the manual. 


d)        Laboratory Safety Posters


                        Two posters are available, one regarding clutter in hallways, the other about keeping lab doors closed.  They are available in two sizes, and two are also included in the Lab Health & Safety Manual. 


            e)         Cleaning and Wearing of Lab Coats


                        Rubina and Len have met about this, and are still waiting for information about cleaning services.  They will meet with the Chief Administrative Officer and the Vice-President Research before proceeding.  If anyone has information on a service they use, please let Len or Rubina know.  The goal is to have something in place early in 2012.



New Business


a)              Noise Assessment testing – Room 3065, William G. Davis Building


                        A request had been made to test the noise levels in this area due to a new piece of machinery in the lab.  The levels are within normal range but of concern to staff, who are there for most of the day.  Recommendations have been made to decrease the noise levels.


b)             Ministry of Labour visits


                        The Ministry of Labour is focusing on the use of personal protective equipment this month.  There have been two visits on the St. George campus, one to Varsity stadium, the other to the Athletic Centre.  They look for general things (e.g., copy of Act on display, Material Safety Data Sheets on hand).  Next month, they will focus on racking (storage).  Wei asked that if the Ministry visits, we let Environmental Health and Safety know as soon as possible.



c)              Committee on Roadway Safety



                        This Committee is working on safety, and issues related to driving.  A member advised that in lot 5, near the Early Learning Centre (ELC), people drive very aggressively.  It was suggested that there be a sign to warn drivers that children are there.  Training was also suggested for the ELC staff, on dealing with aggressive people and keeping children safe.  It was also suggested that we may need additional deer crossing signs on campus. 


                        Members were urged to report immediate safety issues to Campus Police (rather than wait and bring them to the next meeting).



Other Business/Announcements


a)         There have been two cases of mumps on campus.


b)         It was suggested that the emergency response procedures should be available for visitors, and that perhaps stickers or posters could be placed in central areas.



The meeting adjourned at 9:53 a.m.


Next Meeting:        Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 9:00 a.m.     

                          Room 3129, William G. Davis Building

                          (Coffee, juice and holiday cookies to be available)





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Rubina Lewis, Co-Chair                                                            Len Paris, Co-Chair