October 19, 2005

Minutes of Meeting:

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 - 9:00 a.m.

Room SB 1068B

Present: Rob Eidukaitis, Paull Goldsmith, Liz Martin, Len Paris, Jack Pienczykowski, Evan Apsit, Sandy Arch, Margaret Fung, John Janczura, Rubina Lewis, Tarun Patel, Fred Wright.

Regrets: Alison Campbell. Lisa Cheung, Paul Handley, April Wong, Ray de Souza, Louise Oliver. 

1.Approval of Agenda

MOVED by Paull Goldsmith, SECONDED by Len Paris that the agenda be approved. 


2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

MOVED by Paull Goldsmith, SECONDED by Rob Eidukaitis that the minutes of the meeting be approved.                CARRIED

3.Bussiness Arising from the Minutes                                                                                 

  a) Inspections

Since the last meeting several JH&SC members have completed inspections of work area.  Members were reminded to carry out inspections of their assigned areas with particular notice of the months that they have been assigned.

b) Flammable Storage Cabinets

A memo from the CAO and additional information from Margaret Fung is pending on flammable storage cabinets. 

Note:  After this meeting Margaret Fung provided the web links and the U of T policy on this issue. The U of T policy is clear that flammable storage cabinets need not be vented.

c) Eye Wash Stations

Tarun Patel reports that the eye wash stations in the South Building’s BC Block are now completed.  The eye wash stations for the CCIT building are being installed today (Octoer 19th, 2005).

d) CCIT 4th Floor Partitions

The partitions on the 4th floor hallway have been installed to prevent children from climbing over the barriers.

The committee discussed new hallway doors that have also been installed and if these doors should be locked or not.  Fred Wright will check on these doors and automatic doors and report back to the committee.

e)  Terms of Reference

Margaret Fung made some minor changes to the Terms of Reference.  The sub-committee will review  and present the final version at the next meeting.

f) Policy on Removal of Human Body Fluids

John Janczura reports that the policy and procedures on Bodily Fluids has not been discussed with the Caretaking staff at UTM.  Follow-up will de done by Sandy Arch.

g) Material Safety Data Sheets

 Most of the MSDS held in the central binders in the Campus Police office have not been updated since 2002.  The committee Co-Chairs will send a letter to all of the UTM departments which store or  handle chemicals to update their MSDS.

h)WHMIS Training

The committee discussed the need to have regular WHMIS training for persons handling chemicals and cleaning products.  Margaret Fung stated that there is “on-line” WHMIS training along with train- the-trainer seminars.  Rubina Lewis stated that there are  at least ten persons in her area that require WHMIS training. 

  i)  Radiation Training

Rubina Lewis reported that twelve persons are in need of radiation training.  The Radiation Protection Office at St George will be contacted to conduct this training.

4. New Bussiness

a) Fume Hood Operation on Weekends. 

Rubina Lewis requested that departments be notified of any shutdowns of the fume hoods on weekends.  Paull Goldsmith reported that these fume hoods are never shutdown unless prior notice is  given to the areas affected.

  b)  Accident Reports since Last Meeting

Len Paris reported that there were three staff (two UTM staff and one food service staff member) accidents since August 17th, 2005.  None of these injuries involved lost time at work.  There were twelve reports involving minor injuries to students as a result of accidents.

c) Flu Clinic

Sandy Arch reports that the UTM Health Services and Peel Health will hold a Flu Clinic on November  30th, 2005, 9:30 A.M. to 4:30 A.M. in the UTM Student Centre.

  d)  Pandemic Flu - Emergency Planning

Sandy Arch, Len Paris and Paull Goldsmith briefed the committee on a recent UTM meeting on pandemic flu planning and how Peel Health and UTM would handle such a crisis.  Further meetings and planning are scheduled to prepare for such an emergency.

e)  Fire Warden Training

Jack Pienczykowski updated the committee on the Fire Wardens at UTM.  Fire drills were conducted in Roy Ivor Hall and Erindale Hall on October 11, 2005.  There are presently sixty eight (68) Fire Wardens and there are twenty six (26) portable radios distributed to them.  Training for the Fire Wardens is scheduled for November 1st, 2005, in the Faculty Club.  Mississauga Fire Department staff will be present for the training session.

f)   UTM Safety Week     

Campus Police hosted a Safety Week at UTM on October 4, 5 and 6, 2005.  Several UTM services including the Health Centre, Walksafer, Sexual Education Centre,  Erindale College Special Response Team participated in the event and provided safety information.  Peel Regional Police and Peel Crisis Centre also participated in this event.

g)  Pedestrian Crosswalks          

The committee discussed the new crosswalks and lights.  Pedestrians are not pushing the button to activate the lights and drivers often do not stop for pedestrians.  Liz Martin addressed concerns about the lack of audible signals for persons who are blind or have low vision.  Audible signals were recommended prior to construction of these crosswalks but were dropped due the added costs of installing such devices.   The committee agreed that a public education campaign for pedestrians and drivers may help.

h)  Middle Entrance to the Campus

Some committee members expressed concern about the traffic flow inside the Middle entrance to the campus.  It was recommended that trees near the yield sign near the exit be trimmed to provide better visibility.  Paull Goldsmith will also take the concern to the next capital projects meeting for discussion.

 i) Environment Health and Safety Office (St George)

Margaret Fung reported that Chris McNeil has retired as director of EH&S.  Margaret also noted that there have been changes to the Asbestos Regulations effective November 1st, 2005.   Margaret will arrange with Paull Goldsmith to have the Building Engineers briefed on the new asbestos regulations. Margaret reminded the committee about the courses being offered including the Work Life Balance sessions.

j)  Office Ergonomics Seminar

Committee members were reminded that an Office Ergonomics seminar will be held at UTM on October 25th, 2005. 

k)  UTM/St George Shuttle Bus – Complaint

The committee reviewed an e-mail from a faculty member who had several concerns about the shuttle bus service (overcrowding, lack of seatbelts, speeding).  These concerns are being addressed by UTM Parking and Transportation, Business Services and Laidlaw Transportation.  The committee agreed to send a letter to the faculty member pointing out that other committees and departments are handling his complaint.


The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m. 

The next meeting is scheduled for December 14th at 9:00 AM in South Building, Room # 3138.