November 28, 2007

Minutes of Meeting:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 9:00AM

Room 3138, South Building

Present: Sandy Arch, Mike Bell (for Jack Pienczykowski), Ray deSouza, Rob Eidukaitis, Mike Foley, Paull Goldsmith, Paul Handley, John Janczura, Rubina Lewis, Laura MacDonald, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Susan Senese, April Wong

Regrets: Lisa Cheung, Dave Clancy, Gayle Dykeman, Adrian Georgescu, Liz Martin, Bill McFadden, Jack Pienczykowski

1. Approval of Agenda Moved by Paull Goldsmith, seconded by Sandy Arch, that the Agenda be approved. CARRIED

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved by Rubina Lewis and seconded by Laura Patterson, that the minutes be approved. CARRIED

Len welcomed the new members to the Committee: Mike Foley (CUPE), RAWC, Paul Handley (PM Group), HMALC, and Mike Bell, attending for Jack Pienczykowski (OPSEU 519)

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

a) Accident Reports There were accidents involving 2 full-time and one part-time staff member over the previous three months. There had been about 30 student-related incidents since the beginning of the new school year. The student incidents were mostly sports related and minor injuries in the student housing units.

b) Certified Members and Training Update The stress management, fire safety, and harassment and violence in the workplace training at UTM will take place on December 11 and 12. Next year, Environmental Health and Safety plans to offer all certification courses quarterly.

c) Decommissioning labs - Documentation and Checklists There will be an opportunity to test the draft document in the next few weeks. Laura MacDonald would like to use UTM as a trial site for the new checklist. Feedback on the form may be sent directly to Laura. One of the goals is to make clear that accountability rests with members of the labs, rather than with the Committee members and EHS. Paull will add UTM contact numbers to the checklist. Rubina noted that Fisher Scientific has a very good lab safety checklist; she offered to review the form with Lisa and update the Committee inspection forms with additional information.

d) Search for Director, Environmental Health & Safety The search is still ongoing. It is expected that Ray and the new Director will discuss how to accommodate UTM's needs. The position of Manager, Lab Safety Assurance is on hold until the new Director is appointed; in the interim, Laura will be the contact person for Lab safety issues.

e) Stairs - RAWC This discussion was postponed to the next meeting, so Dave Clancy could participate. Dave and Ken Duncliffe spoke to the contractors, and they said the construction satisfied all Ontario legislation, including that related to accessability. It was suggested that we have Laura MacDonald check with capital projects to see which Disability Act they follow (Ontario, American) as the American legislation is stronger.

f) Review of RAWC hazards - update It was noted that in other buildings, slate floors had caused a problem, and the question was raised as to why slate was used again in a new building. It was suggested that a finish with grit could be put on the floor to address the problem.

Access to the green roof has been closed off. Len had inspected the grates over the window and did not see them as a hazard, even though they could be climbed. Dave Clancy is willing to look at removing the first two sets of grates, so the height would start above ten feet. It was agreed that this should be done.

Problems and defects at the RAWC should be reported to the control desk; staff are required to log any problems reported. The logs are reviewed daily by Dave Clancy. He will remind staff that they are required to log any problems reported to them.

g) Update on elevators at CCT Maintenance will be done on the elevators, hopefully over the holidays. If the elevators are not working, people should call 5301 to report it; this way, problems can be monitored. An alternative to taking the elevator to the garage at night is to park in a surface lot; all surface lots may be used after 5:00 p.m. with a UTM parking pass. Mirrors have been ordered for the entrances to increase visibility for anyone entering/exiting the garage.

h) Committee membership (RAWC & HMALC) The revised list was circulated prior to the meeting.

i) Committee bulletin boards and keys As Adrian was not present, this item was deferred to the next meeting.

j) Traffic Safety on Campus - update Two new light fixtures will be installed at the cross-walks, the cross-walk lines have been repainted and the sign has been moved to make it more visible. More lights will be added in the parking lots. Removable fencing has been installed at lot #8 to prevent people from taking a shortcut, forcing them to use the paths that are maintained and to cross at the cross-walk. There is also a fence in lot #4. It was noted that there is a problem in front of the RAWC, where water pools - Paull will investigate this, and urged people to report problems to 5301 rather than waiting for the meetings.

k) Odour in Geography Lab The source of the problem was found to be a dry trap, which was replaced.

4. New Business

a) Feedback on Confined Space Program and the Restricted Spaces Standard Laura distributed draft forms, and requested feedback from the Committee. Because up to five people could be required for a rescue team, this work is contracted out; however, managers must do the training. In an emergency, Campus Police would attend and secure any area identified as a confined space. For most of the areas, access is restricted. However, manhole covers can be removed easily. Laura will ask Sandra to come out, investigate and label our confined spaces. Once the procedure for UTM has been finalized, and UTM contact information included in the document, the rescue plan will be included as an appendix in the emergency response plan.

b) Revised - Monthly Inspection Teams A new schedule for inspections was distributed. Members were urged to do some inspections as soon as possible, and to make new buildings a priority. It was suggested that a member of the area being inspected be invited to participate. It is sufficient to have one team member do the inspections, provided that member is a worker member of the Committee.

c) Smoking Complaint - building entrances A new complaint about smoking around the building entrances had been received. It is hard for us to enforce the restriction under the current legislation, and without a University policy regarding smoking outdoors. It was suggested that we start with one building as a trial project, mark a nine-meter, "butt out" zone, and put ashtrays ten meters away from the entrances. We could look at offering incentives (library mugs, coupons for coffee), and have some of the green team members involved in enforcing the zone. Laura noted that there has been a trend at Universities where they have medical faculties to go non-smoking. It was suggested that we set up booths for national non-smoking week (January 21-25) in the link between the CCT and HMALC buildings. A small group was formed (Susan, Paull, Sandy, Laura, Len, April, Rubina, Louise, and a student from UTMSU) to work on this. d) Green Roof above RAWC, and skylights During the summer, the camp students ran over the skylights to the green patches on the roof. Paull will arrange to have the skylights inspected to ensure they have not been weakened by the foot traffic.

e) Temporary pathway The temporary pathway to the South Building will be sealed at both ends, and people will be directed to use the main entrance of the RAWC.

f) Plans for the Medical Academy, Storm Water Pond Ray and Paull will bring plans for the Medical Academy and the storm water pond to the next meeting, for review by the Committee. It was suggested that an extra half hour be added to the meeting time to allow for time to review the plans.

g) Committee benchmarks It was suggested that it would be helpful for the Committee to be able to assess our performance. Laura was asked whether there are benchmarks that could be used for this purpose. Laura suggested using the number of meetings and our progress on inspections for this purpose, and indicated that our committee functions well.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday January 23, 2008, 9:00AM to 11:00 AM in Room 2068B, South Building