November 15, 2006

Minutes of Meeting:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - 9:00 a.m.

Room 2068B, South Building

Present: Sandy Arch, Lisa Cheung, Dave Clancy, Rob Eidukaitis, Margaret Fung, Adrian Georgescu, Paull Goldsmith, John Janczura, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Jack Pienczykowski, Susan Senese, April Wong, Fred Wright, Ray de Souza, Gayle Dykeman, April Wong, Patrick Doyle

Regrets: Evan Apsit, Rubina Lewis, Liz Martin

1. Approval of Agenda

MOVED by Patrick Doyle, SECONDED by Fred Wright, that the agenda be approved as distributed.

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. 

MOVED by Lisa Cheung, SECONDED by Len Paris, that the minutes be approved as distributed. 

3. Introduction of new Member

Gayle Dykeman has joined the Committee to represent staff who works in the UTM      Residences.  The Committee welcomed Gayle as a Committee member.

The Committee is still looking for a representative from the Kaneff Building and for faculty a member(s).

4. Bussiness Arising from the Minutes

a) U of T Smoking Policy

 There is some confusion whether there is a central committee looking at the U of T Smoking Policy.  It was recommended that UTM proceed with its own Smoking Policy based on work and recommendation already put forward by the UTM Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Margaret Fung recommended that the regulations concerning “No-Smoking” signs be clarified with Peel and Toronto Health Departments.

b) Accident Reports

 There were three staff accident reports since the last meeting (September 20th, 2006).  None of these accidents involved lost time or serious injuries.

Sandy Arch stated that all workplace accidents should be reported and documented on the appropriate forms.  In some minor cases, it is possible that some of these accidents are not being reported.

c) Workplace Inspections

The team list for the workplace inspections has been updated and circulated to all members.  The new checklist form was reviewed by all members and no changes were recommended.  All members expressed thanks to Lisa Cheung for her work in putting the new inspection checklist together.  The committee members agreed that the new checklists were much better than the older forms.

d) Chemical Disposal Day

Paull Goldsmith gave an update on the Chemical Disposal Day.  Paull reported that the day was very successful with 1400 kg of chemical waste being collected and removed for disposal.  Paull recommended that this continue on a yearly basis.  He also recommended that persons bring the waste materials to the receiving area earlier in the morning in order to make the collection run more efficient

Adrian Georgescu reminded members that containers are available for the collection  of medical waste – needles and other sharps.

e)  Joint Health & Safety Day

Five committee members from UM attended the Joint Health and Safety Day at St George campus.  The five attendees reported on the various seminars and topics held at the event.

At the Joint Health and Safety Day, the Director of EH&S (Peter Nicoll) reported that a new position has been approved to assist UTM with health and safety.  This position will be two days a week at UTM (40%) and three days at St George (60%).  The position will be filled in early 2007.  This new position will provide assistance and support to the JH&SC at UTM

f) Joint Health & Safety Surve

Margaret Fung and Sandy Arch reported on the survey response (66%).

The on-line orientation for new employees is being used and all employees are encouraged to take part in it.

Susan Senese recommended that employees have an orientation binder in which the sign-off on health and safety information.


The committee discussed WHMIS training and departments that still needed training  for heir staff (Athletics and Caretaking).  Margaret Fung and Lisa Cheung offered information and training in order to train these employees.

h) JH&SC Bulletin Boards

Fred Wright reported that the bulletin boards in the Athletics Centre (RAWC) have been installed.  The boards in the HMALC (Library) have not been installed yet

i)  Pandemic Planning

The committee discussed the pandemic plans and how employees would be contacted in the event of a pandemic emergency.  Sandy Arch reminded the committee that the Employee Self Serve (ESS) is set up so employees can keep their contact information up-to-date.  Ray de Souza spoke about some of the plans already in place in case employees need to be contacted in an emergency (phone trees, cell phone supplies, ESS, media messages, text message services, etc.).  Ray stated that all employees are encouraged to update their ESS contact information.

 5. New Business

a) Flu Clinics & Health Well Being

The committee discussed the flu clinics being held at the St George and UTSC campuses by U of T Health and Well Being.  There was a lengthy discussion about Health and Well Being not holding a clinic at UTM.  A clinic will be held at UTM by the Peel Health Department.  It was agreed that the Peel Health clinic offers sufficient services to the UTM community

Ray de Souza stated that the committee could look at what services are being offered  by Health and Well Being to ensure that UTM is making use of these services.

b) Health and Safety Certification Courses

 Paull Goldsmith reported that the committee needs more certified members.

 Level 1courses are being offered on November 30th, December 1st, 7th, and 8th, 2006.

 More courses for Level 2 are needed.

Margaret Fung agreed to check the records to determine which members are currently certified and which levels are still needed by some members.

c) Mould in Residences

The committee discussed the issue of mould in residences and air quality.  Gayle Dykeman stated that part of the employees concerns are due to proper education on these issues.  A training session on these topics is set for November 23rd, 2006 for the Residence and Caretaking staff.

d) Workplace Safety (Various)

Patrick Doyle commented that it is important that contractors have information on policy and procedures concerning asbestos prior to working in areas that may contain asbestos.

Fred Wright commented that some chemical labs still prop open their doors with books.  Fred was concerned about possible chemical spills and how prepared the labs were in cleaning up spills.  The labs do have clean up materials for small spills.   Lab occupants should be reminded to not prop open doors or place books and other “hold-open” objects in doorways and hallways.

The committee discussed fire safety and the importance of keeping hallways and exits/entrances free of obstructions.  Ray de Souza commented that departments may be charged for any clean-up and storage costs if they do not keep their areas clear of obstructions.  Ray also commented that any orders by Mississauga Fire Inspectors may also be charged to the departments responsible.

Susan Senese stated that the HMALC (Library) should hold a fire drill as soon as possible once all of the construction is complete.    A fire drill will be scheduled for early in 2007.

e) Training Courses

Margaret Fung stated that better attendance at some of the UTM health and safety seminars is needed.  Margaret mentioned that the Ergonomics Courses offered at UTM  had low attendance.

Adrian Georgescu reported that a course on Lifting Devices will be held on November 23rd, 2006.  This course is 6.5 hours in length.


The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

NEXT MEETING:    Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 @ 9:00 a.m.

  South Building, Room # 2068B