March 21, 2007

Minutes of Meeting:

Wednesday March 21, 2007-9:00AM

Room 2068B, South Building

Present: Sandy Arch, Lisa Cheung, Dave Clancy, Ray deSouza, Patrick Doyle,
Rob Eidukaitis, Margaret Fung, Adrian Georgescu, Paull Goldsmith, Rubina Lewis, Liz Martin, Steve Miszuk, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Susan Senese, April Wong

Regrets: Evan Apsit, John Janczura, Fred Wright, Jack Pienczykowski, Gayle Dykeman

1. Approval of Agenda

Moved by Rubina Lewis, seconded by Paull Goldsmith, that the Agenda be approved.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved by Paull Goldsmith, seconded by Laura Patterson, that the minutes of January 17th, 2007, be approved.

3. New Members and Terms of Reference

Len welcomed Steve Miszuk, the Interim Director of Campus Infrastructure and Facilities. A new membership list, updated to include Rachel Tennant, was distributed. It was noted that USW has not yet endorsed her membership on the Committee.

Len pointed out that the terms of reference specify that there should be 4 members from USW and we currently have 8 on the Committee. For CUPE Local 3261, the terms specify 1 member, and we have 3. The Committee may need to discuss changing the terms of reference. It was suggested that for now, we treat the "4" as a minimum. A large number of members are good, as it allows us to have many members to perform the workplace inspections. It is important to ensure that all areas of the campus are represented on the Committee. It was suggested as well that we look at other large groups not represented by USW.

This item will be put on the agenda for the next meeting. Union members were asked to seek input from their colleagues.

4. Business Arising From Previous Minutes

a) Accident Reporting

Len Paris summarized the incident reports for the period. Len indicated that there were 4 staff incidents, only one of which resulted in lost time (1 day). There were 8 student incidents.

b) Workplace Inspections

Len has received quite a few forms for January and February. It was suggested that the list be updated to reflect changes made since November.

c) Lifting Devices - Update

Adrian has six people certified and may need to do three or four more; this will be done in the next budget year.

d) W.H.M.I.S

Adrian has completed the training for his 42 staff. Grounds could not attend that session because of snow. Rachel and Dave are conducting a "train the trainer" session in April so the RAWC can do their own training.

Sandy had a document from Wilfred Laurier University. They have mandatory WHMIS training for all first-year students. She wondered what happens at UofTM. We do not have one course for all students; however, 4th year students and graduate students get training, and there are films for students in individual courses (in Biology, Chemistry) to view. Sandy will forward the information to Lisa.

e) Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards are up in the RAWC. The HMALC is using the bulletin board in the staff room.

f) JHSC Certified Members and Training (Course updates)

The Part 2 modules are not yet scheduled; they will likely be scheduled in late April or early May. EHS may coordinate with USW so they can put on a basic module first. Margaret Fung will tell Len as soon as dates are set. It was confirmed that Steve Miszuk is fully certified.

g) Radiation Training

There had been a very good turnout for the session. It was noted that the U of T Radiation Policy had just been updated, and it is not known if the list of rooms and license holders is current. Len will contact the St. George campus to find out. Paull had received a list a month ago and offered to compare that to the list on file.

h) Decommissioning Labs - Documentation and Checklists

Fred had raised this at the last meeting. Apparently, a lab had been turned over for renovations, but there were still chemicals on site. It was suggested that we need a better procedure outlining what is in the rooms, which has cleaned them, before the rooms are turned over. Margaret Fung said there are general procedures on the EHS web site. Adrian said that in the case Fred mentioned, the lab had been decommissioned but the tape was still there; he suggested posting a statement on the door confirming that the lab has been decommissioned.

i) Railing Hazard - RAWC

Dave is still reviewing the list of deficiencies, and has asked the Project Management team to look at this particular hazard. Len suggested that perhaps it could be made safe temporarily, using duct tape or rubber.

j) Health and Safety Officer

It is hoped that this position (Manager of Health and Safety at UofTM (40%)) will be filled in April or May.

k) Slips, Trips and Falls

A poster had been sent to departments, and copies were distributed at the Lunch and Learn. Len is looking at having the posters framed and mounted in various locations. He asked members of the Committee to put posters up in each of their areas.

5. New Business

a) Clean-up, Handling and Disposal of Blood

As the result of an incident in the RAWC, a person had come to the Health Service with a bag of bloody towels for disposal. Sandy advised that the University has no policy regarding accidental exposure to blood, which is a Class 2 biohazard. Ayoob Ghalami, the Biosafety Officer at St. George, would be happy to come out and do the training as long as we have 10 people registered. It was suggested that members of the RAWC, Student Housing and Residence Life, Caretaking, Campus Police and kitchen staff could benefit from such training.

The Committee discussed the procedures developed by John Valant, the previous Biosafety Officer for the Residence staff. Adrian suggested that something less detailed would be better for his staff. Adrian offered to order Virox, which can be used to clean up blood spills. Medical Waste Management picks up sharps now, and can add special bins for other waste for a maximum of $300 per year.

Margaret suggested talking to Ayoob first. She'll give the Residence document to him and see if he can rework those guidelines. Sandy will ask Ayoob to look at all the bodily fluids guidelines, and she'll send something out on the listserv.

Tim Westwood and Sandy are coordinating safety training, which it is hoped will take place before June.

b) Handling Sharps and Reducing Injuries - Bill 30 (Ontario)

New proposed legislation may result in safety-engineered sharps protection, which will require the enclosure of needles to prevent needle-stick injuries. While currently directed at hospitals, the legislation, if passed, may affect labs as well, because of pressure from unions.

c) Temporary Walkway - South Building

The walkway from lot 4 was never engineered for water, ice and snow. Given that the RAWC is now completed, it was suggested that the temporary walkway is no longer needed. Paull Goldsmith advised that this walkway will be closed and removed, in conjunction with marking of roadways.

d) Lunch and Learn - March 16th (event update)

Laura and Len did a presentation on behalf the Committee, for the Lunch and Learn series. There was a lot of interest in safety on campus, with about 8 to 10 questions being asked at the end of the presentation. They presented the inspection forms, the terms of reference, and the accident reporting forms. Although 23 people had signed up, 32 attended. Copies of the presentation were available at the meeting and can be obtained directly from Len.

e) Other Business
Smoking Policy
Sandy advised the Committee that as of July 2006, Carleton University is now smoke-free except outside designated areas. Repeated breaches of the policy result in discipline. Susan advised that there had been three small fires outside the HMALC. Mary Ann Mavrinac had raised this at the Principal's Table, pushing for a U of T policy with teeth. It was suggested that preparations should be made now in anticipation of the new Library entrance (link) being opened. It was also suggested that architectural solutions are the most effective, for example, integrating the 9-meter marks into stone patterns, and using shelters for smoking areas wherever possible. Margaret pointed out that several universities have very good policies; the issue is enforcement.

Asbestos Training
Steve is working with Margaret to arrange asbestos training for May.
Certification training at UofTM
Rubina asked whether it would be possible to have some of the part 2 certification courses held at U of TM. EHS likes at least four people to be signed up for each session. Margaret will send a list of all courses to the co-chairs so that the level of interest in each can be determined.

Campus Safety Day
Campus Police had teamed up with the Library to put on a campus safety day, today (March 21), from 10:00 to 3:00, in the link between CCT and the new library. They were also conducting the "move your butt" campaign.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday May 16, 2007 @ 9AM, Room # 2068B, South Building.