June 27, 2007

Minutes of Meeting:

Wednesday June 27, 2007-9:00AM

Room 3138, South Building

Present: Sandy Arch, Lisa Cheung, Dave Clancy, Patrick Doyle, Gayle Dykeman,
Adrian Georgescu, Paull Goldsmith, Rubina Lewis, Laura MacDonald, Liz Martin, Steve Miszuk, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, April Wong

Regrets: Evan Apsit, Ray deSouza, Rob Eidukaitis, Margaret Fung, John Janczura, Bill McFadden, Jack Pienczykowski, Susan Senese, Rachel Tennant

1. Approval of Agenda

Moved by Paull Goldsmith, seconded by Adrian Georgescu, that the Agenda be approved. CARRIED

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved by Rubina Lewis, seconded by Paull Goldsmith, that the minutes be approved.

3. Introduction of new Manager, Health & Safety, UTM

Len welcomed Laura MacDonald, the new Manager, Health and Safety for UTM. Laura has a breadth of experience in a range of industries in both the private and public sectors. Laura will be at UTM on Wednesday of every week, and one other day; there is some flexibility as to which days she is here. Laura says because our Committee has a reputation for being progressive, new initiatives from Environmental Health and Safety will be implemented here, adapted so they work well for us.

Ray deSouza would like the committee to identify priorities it would like Laura to work on, either in a leadership or in a supportive role to the committee. This will help us set priorities for the next six months to a year.

Suggestions included:
• anticipating changes to government regulations (e.g., confined space, mould), and acting quickly to implement guidelines so that we are in compliance with the new legislation
• assessing whether University policies, which often exceed regulatory standards, apply to UTM, UTSC as well as St. George
• facilitating training for Committee members (attending a 2-hour course for Part 2 certification can take us more than half a day because of travel)
• safety audit of Oscar Peterson Hall, and assistance with inspection of residences
• comprehensive inspections for new buildings coming on-stream
• specific training tailored to the hazards of the job (e.g., moving furniture)
• concerns in the chemical labs, specifically 4 undergraduate teaching labs; it would be helpful if Paull and Laura could assist with inspecting those (and explaining the reasons for why things are what they are)

Laura pointed out that many of these issues related to management of change, and could be addressed through introducing a management of change process for us.

With respect to the training, Laura offered to coordinate a needs assessment to see what is required. It is also possible she can teach some of the courses here. She will be working with Lynda Collins on the training. It was suggested that consideration be given to holding the training at a time when classes and labs are not running such as Reading week, or December.

Laura's office is in Room 159, North Building, and her telephone number is:

4. Business Arising From Previous Minutes

a) Accident Reports

There had been three staff incidents since the last meeting, two health care injuries and one lost-time injury. There had been 8 incidents involving non-staff. Len reminded the Committee that it has a role in investigating accidents and taking corrective action to prevent similar accidents in future. Human Resources will be asked to send copies of the staff accident reports to Laura.

b) Terms of Reference Review

Laura would like to be an ex-officio member of the Committee. The language will be changed to reflect "at least" for the number of USW and CUPE Local 3261 members. Louise will contact Ron Hoinkes to get the name of Fred Wright's replacement on the Committee.

c) JH&SC Certified Members & Training

Laura will help coordinate this training by sending the list of courses for the Part 2 training to all members requiring part 2, seeing if we can get enough numbers to have the training done here, and possibly doing some of the training herself.

  d) Decommissioning labs - Documentation and Checklists

Rubina, Adrian, Laura, and Patrick will comprise a working group to work on this material. Laura has already found extensive information on the website.

e) Asbestos Training

Training was given to 15 people last month, including the lead hands in Student Housing and Residence Life and members of the day shift for Campus Infrastructure and Facilities. Patrick will check with Ram to see if engineers require the training.

f) Stair Related Hazards

Caretaking will survey the tiered classrooms over the summer to determine the condition of the nosings on the stairs. Adrian will talk with Daniel about the Student Centre. In the RAWC, the railings on the "seating steps" will be installed soon.

g) Hands-free Phones in Elevators

Paull is expecting a quote for the completion of the work. He will advise Liz directly of any updates.

5. New Business

a) Smokers

The smokers are not respecting the 9-meter line, and there are cigarette butts everywhere in the parking garage. The garage is covered by the bylaw, so we can call the health inspectors to enforce the bylaw (or fill out a form and send it in). It was suggested we look at having a blitz in September, and asking the health inspectors to be on campus.

b) Asbestos Inventory

The University must update its asbestos inventory by November of this year, and a call for tenders will be going out (for someone to come do the work). Non-friable asbestos must now be included in any inventory.

c) Skyjack training

Adrian has arranged to have the vendor come to give additional skyjack training on August 16. If anyone else wants their staff included, they should let him know. The cost is $160 plus GST per person.

d) CCT Building

The sloped walls in the CCT building are still a hazard for people with low vision. The benches that have been installed are too close to the walls and people still bump into the sloping walls at the top.

e) OUTreach

Len advised that on Saturday, September 15, University staff and students go out into the community to work with various organizations. Last year, 1100 people took part at the St. George location. This year, the program is being extended to UTM, and will be coordinated through the Student Affairs office.

The meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Next Meeting: (Revised Date)

Wednesday September 26th, 2007 @ 9AM, South Building, Room # 3129 (Ante Room next to Council Chambers)