June 24, 2009

Minutes of Meeting

UTM Joint Health & Safety Committee

Wednesday, June 24, 2009- 9:00AM

Room 2068B, South Building

Present: Rob Eidukaitis, Mike Foley, Paul Handley, Rubina Lewis, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Sandy Arch, Lisa Cheung, Adrian Georgescu, Andrea De Vito, Mylene Vincent, Sandra Dieke and Ivan Ampuero

Regrets: Paull Goldsmith, John Janczura, Devin Kreuger,  Khalique Mohiuddin, Louise Oliver, Susan Senese, Dave Clancy and Gayle Dykeman,

Approval of Agenda

Moved by Rubina Lewis, seconded by Sandy Arch, that the Agenda be approved.


Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved by Adrian Georgescu and seconded by Mylene Vincent, that the minutes be approved.


Business Arising from the Minutes

 a) Accident Reports

There had been 2 staff accidents since the last meeting, which resulted in lost time. 

Sandra Arch suggested that the committee should get a list of accidents from January – June 2009 in order to access the nature of the most frequent injuries incurred.

b) Ladder Safety Training

Geoff Shirtliff-Hinds is scheduled to give a Ladder Safety Training on June 25, 09.

Twelve persons have registered with Gayle for this training.

c) EMF Testing in Knaff, Room # 228

Please refer to the Report. All levels tested in the room and area were well below acceptable and safe  levels. Any health issues to be reported to the Co-Chairs.

d)  Training Courses

Accident Reporting Course: Highly recommend by Len, he had forms and information regarding the course. The Course covered: Accident reporting, Orientation of H&S members and Workplace Inspections.  Another course will be offered to JHSC members at UTM.

WHMIS Course: Lisa Cheung facilitated WHMIS on May 13, 2009, it was well attended. She informed the committee that there was no charge to individuals or departments on WHMIS booklets.

Respirator Training: 22 people attended.

Mold Awareness Training:  7 Residence staff attended.

Centrifuge Training: Prof. Voula Kanelis and Rubina Lewis from CPS department organized on May 14, 2009 through Fisher Scientific, a course on the proper use & care of centrifuge. 35 – 40 Profs, Staff and Students attended.

Biohazard Training: Prof. Tim Westwood organized a training session for staff & students with the University’s  Biosafety Officer.

New Business

a) Pandemic Planning (Swine Flu)

Mark Overton chairs the committee on Pandemic Planning.

Hand Sanitizers have been placed outside of all the washrooms at UTM.

Suggestions were made to place hand sanitizers outside the elevators, at all entrances to the buildings and in all Mechanical and Engineering rooms.

Adrian, suggested that preventive and proactive measures should be adopted to deal with the pandemic.

b) Volunteers help with Lab. Inspections Conducted by the JHSC Members:

Laura Patterson and Mylene Vincent offered their help if needed.

c) Door Stoppers

Lisa Cheung requested door stoppers for her labs but was refused as the doors should not be left open. Rick Peters would check the negative pressure in the labs.

d) Fire Inspections

  Len informed that the fire exits doors were blocked during a recent fire inspection and the problem has been corrected.

d)  Bulletin Boards

  Updates were assigned

e) Update of our Website

Rob Eidukaitis offered to help with the update.

Other Business/Announcements

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Next Meeting: Wednesday September 16, 2009, 9:00AM, Room 2068B, South Building