June 21, 2006

Minutes of Meeting:

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 9:00 a.m.

Room 2068B, South Building

 Present:          Lisa Cheung, Patrick Doyle, Rob Eidukaitis, Adrian Georgescu, Paull Goldsmith, John Janczura, Rubina Lewis, Louise Oliver, Laura Patterson, Len Paris, April Wong, Fred Wright

Regrets:         Evan Apsit, Sandy Arch, Ray deSouza, Margaret Fung, Liz Martin, Jack Pienczykowski

Guest:             Donna Liu

1. Approval Of Agenda

MOVED by Paull Goldsmith, SECONDED by Rubina Lewis, that the agenda be approved as distributed.

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes were approved as distributed.

3. Bussiness Arising from the Minutes

a)  U of T Smoking Policy and recent letter to VP Human Resources and Equity

Len gave Committee members a copy of the letter that had been sent to the VP of Human Resources and Equity (Angela Hildyard) following the meeting of April 12.  Margaret Fung assured Len the letter was received.  Angela Hildyard is assembling the senior people in the administration regarding the policy for a meeting this month.  Feedback has been requested for this Committee's August meeting.  Paull noted that in most areas, the "Move your Butt" signs were working, although the quad entrance is still a problem 

b)  Thank you presentation to Donna Liu

Len introduced Donna Liu, who did all the work on the posters for the Move Your Butt campaign.  She has given Len the disk so that posters can be done for washrooms, and this will be done over the summer.  Donna has also done a flash program and we will be approaching Computing Services about using that in September.  Donna was invited because the Committee unanimously voted to recognize her hard work.  Len presented Donna with a gift to thank her for all her work.

c) South Building Safety Audit

Len advised the Committee that the audit had resulted in 12-15 recommendations, most related to lighting, locks, additional cameras.  Work requests have been submitted, and it is hoped that most of the work will be done by August.  Len suggested this item be deferred to the next meeting.

Regarding signage, the Chief Administrative Officer is convening a signage committee to look at all signs, so recommendations regarding signage from the audit will be referred to that committee.           

d)  Accident Reports

Since the last meeting, Len was aware of only one staff-related accident, which had not resulted in lost time. The remaining accidents were trips, falls, or sports-related injuries.  Len advised the Committee that a recent report indicated that overall, the number of staff injuries at all three campuses was down

e)  Workplace Inspections and Revised Inspection Forms

At the last meeting, a committee had been struck to look at the forms.  Committee members were Lisa Cheung, Rubina Lewis and Louise Oliver.  The Committee will report at the next meeting in August.


4. New Bussiness 

a) Updated Inspection List

Len distributed a revised inspection list.  Changes were required, as several members of the Committee have either left the Committee, the University, or are otherwise unavailable for inspections.  It was suggested that someone from the Residences be added to the Committee, as well as someone from Athletics.  It was also suggested that a letter be sent from the Committee seeking two members of the Faculty.  Louise offered to draft a letter to go to Ulli Krull and the Academic Dean seeking nominees to the Committee.  The Committee will approach the CAO and see if he'd like to designate someone to do his inspections.

b) New Members

Len introduced Adrian Georgescu, the newest member of the Committee.  Adrian is in Campus Infrastructure and Facilities, and has responsibility for maintaining the condition of the buildings.  He is a welcome addition to the Committee.

c) September program for "Move your Butt @ UTM" during student orientation

  Len and Sandy met last week.  Sandy would like to put a push on in September, during Orientation, with posters and pamphlets for students, especially new students, so they are all aware of the issues.  Health Services is doing 700 packages, and asked for 700 pamphlets to go into the packages, and a few thousand more for orientation and for frosh kits, orientation events, display booths.

They're hoping to get 20 volunteers to hand out pamphlets in September, and to have T-shirts for the volunteers.  It was suggested we try to raise money for the initiative from various sources (e.g., Health and Wellbeing, Environmental Health and Safety).  There may also be government funding available.  Len invited Committee members to share any other suggestions they had.

d) Emergency lighting

Someone in the Vivarium had complained about the lack of emergency lighting during the recent power outage; it was felt that if the power fails there should be emergency lighting so work can continue.  Paull offered to meet with the person and with Len.  The emergency lighting is for exits only, to allow people to exit the building safely; it is not designed for people to continue working.  There are wall packs available, but these are not a long-term solution.   

e) Chemical disposal

Paull is still working with Rob Provost on this issue.  Lisa has been clearing out things, including unknowns.  Paull is trying to organize an annual clearout before September.  Paull will send something out to the Committee so they can advise the members of their departments ahead of time.

f)  Fire Blankets

A graduate student had asked about fire blankets.  Apparently, these were removed because they are laced with asbestos.  Paull will find out if they are to be replaced.

g) Restricted Substances

April has been working with Elizabeth Cheung on the assessment forms and restricted substances.  The forms have been submitted and Elizabeth will send them to her colleague.  So far, April does not believe a stricter protocol is required because the substances have been handled appropriately.  Rubina will remind teaching lab staff, since they have some of those substances too.  Len suggested that if there were questions, people contact Elizabeth Cheung directly.

h) Lifting Devices

Adrian advised that we have four lifting devices on campus, three in his area (two mechanical, one self-propelled), and one in Peter Urbanek's area (a self-propelled device).  The self-propelled devices must be inspected annually.  Louise offered to email Margaret Fung and copy Adrian; Margaret can contact Adrian directly if additional information is required. 

i)  Crosswalks

People still do not push buttons at the crosswalks; they simply stop, look and walk across.  It was suggested that this could be addressed by the signage committee (public education, signs), and also in the orientation kits.  It was also noted that the road by the entrance/exit to the CCT garage is quite hazardous, as cars exit there quite quickly, into a blind turn.  There are plans underway for speed bumps, new and restored, once the construction on campus is completed.


The meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Septempber 20, 2006 at 9:00 am in room 3138, South Building* (August meeting was cancelled and moved to this date).