January 20,2010

Minutes of Meeting

UTM Joint Health & Safety Committee

Wednesday, January 20, 2010- 9:00AM

Room 2068B, South Building

Present: Rob Eidukaitis, Paul Handley, Rubina Lewis, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Sandy Arch, Lisa Cheung, Adrian Georgescu, Andrea De Vito, Mylene Vincent, Ivan Ampuero,

Paull Goldsmith, John Janczura, Devin Kreuger, Wei-Ting Shek, Louise Oliver

Regrets: Khalique Mohiuddin, Susan Senese, Dave Clancy, Gayle Dykeman, Mike Foley, and Reese Arh

Guest: Cindy Ferencz-Hammond, Aubrey Iwaniw and Lynda Collins

Approval of Agenda

Moved by Paull Goldsmith and seconded by John Janczura, that the Agenda be approved


Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved by Devin Kreuger and seconded by Sandy Arch, that the minutes be approved\


Business Arising from the Minutes

 a) Accident Reports

There had been one (1) staff related accident (health care) since the last meeting.

b) Chemical Safety Resource Person

Mylene reported that she had spoken to the Chair of Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences for his recommendation. Mylene would have an answer for us when the chair gets back to her.  Put over to our next meeting.

c) Review of Priorities and Initiatives - EH &S five year plan

Len Paris reported that he had a meeting at St George campus with the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, University of Toronto regarding the U of T five year plan for EH&S.  He referred to Wei-Ting Shek to elaborate on this issue, she explained that there is a five year plan for UTM; this involves implementing health and safety measures.  Please refer to the information sheet regarding the five year plan and priorities circulated by Len.

d) Lab Inspections

Len Paris circulated a revised JH&SC Workplace Inspection List along with a draft Workplace Inspection Notification form. After each inspection, a follow-up should be conducted to make sure that all the deficiencies have been rectified. The committee members were asked to comment on both forms and to make any recommendations or changes for the next meeting.

e) Garbage Bins at the Residence Areas

Rob Eidukaitis reported that the machine to move the garbage bins was operating and has reduced the requirement for staff to move these by hand.

f) Weedless Wednesday Events at UTM

Rubina Lewis circulated a "Move Your Butt" Volunteer schedule spread sheet to the committee members to fill in time slots that they would be available. Big thanks to all the volunteers in advance. Len Paris reported that Chad had all student volunteers at all designated entrances.

New Business

a) Scent-Free UTM (Guidelines on the Use of Perfumes & Scented Products)

Cindy Ferencz-Hammond, Aubrey Iwaniw and Linda Collins, each spoke regarding the use of perfumes and scented products at UTM. This would be only guidelines to address the use of scented products and how to respond to complaints on this matter.

Suggestions were to incorporate these guidelines into new staff and student orientation packages.  

Another idea was to publish articles in the Medium as well as the Express to inform the staff and students.

Linda Collins suggested that perfumes are chemicals and some people have allergic reaction to them. It's a Health and Safety issue.

All staff should be sent notification regarding these guidelines.  A new brochure on the guidelines will be printed for distribution.  The guidelines will also be placed on various web sites including the UTM Joint Health & Safety Committee web site.


b) Chemical odors from the Chemistry

The Undergraduate chemistry labs would be renovated this summer, subsequently each        student would have a fume hood to work in, thus eliminating the odors.

Paull Goldsmith informed the committee that the laboratory door will no longer be    allowed to be left open as it affects the negative pressure in the labs

6.Other Business/Announcements

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Next Meeting:       Wednesday March 24th, 2010, 9:00AM, Room 3129 (Ante Room), South Building

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Rubina Lewis, Co-chair                                                           Len Paris, Co-chair