February 16, 2011


Minutes of Meeting

UTM Joint Health & Safety Committee


Wednesday, February 16, 2011- 9:00 a.m.

Council Chamber, Room 3130, William G. Davis Building



Present:           Susan Allison, Sandy Arch, Dave Clancy, Andrea De Vito, Rob Eidukaitis, Adrian Georgescu, Paull Goldsmith, Patrick Gunning, Paul Handley, Rubina Lewis, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Anthony Sestito, Wei-Ting Shek, Mylene Vincent


Regrets:           Ivan Ampuero, Tamara Breukelman, Sara Chavez, Mike Foley, John Janczura, Devin Kreuger, Khalique Mohiuddin, Dale Mullings, Susan Senese, Steve Suraci


Approval of Agenda


Moved by Rubina Lewis, seconded by Paull Goldsmith, that the Agenda be approved.                                                                                                                                                    CARRIED


Minutes of Previous Meeting


Moved by Sandy Arch, seconded by Paul Handley, that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved.                                                                                                    CARRIED



Business Arising from the Minutes


              a)       Accident Reports


Only one staff incident had been reported since the last meeting, an injury requiring first aid.   In addition, a student had slipped and possibly suffered a fracture.  The Ministry of Labour needs to be notified of all critical injuries sustained on our property, including those to students and visitors.  When completing accident reports, Campus Police are now asking whether the person was texting, using a cellular phone or other electronic device at the time of the accident.


b)      Training Courses – Update


Recent training:  - fall protection for facilities and residence staff; respirator training for pool staff.  Upcoming training:  electrical safety (provided by the Electrical Safety Association; indoor air quality for construction and renovation work for Facilities. 


The draft Lab Safety Manual is complete and will be sent to the working group for feedback, and then used for training.


               c)      Davis Building Hallways – Hazards and Fire Safety (Awareness and Poster Campaign)


          The posters are still in the design stage.


d)         Access restrictions and hallway door signs for laboratory research rooms


Draft signs, intended to prevent people entering labs where sensitive research or equipment is located, are being circulated to the Facilities/Research group for comment. 


e)         After hours emergencies in laboratories (new signs)


Signs for the inside of lab doors indicating who can be contacted for an emergency in each lab are being reviewed by the Research and Facilities Workgroup.  Additional warning signs are being developed for posting on the exterior of lab doors.  These signs will state that the lab should only be entered by persons other than the lab users in an emergency situation.


New Business


a)              Workplace inspections


The Updated list and schedule will be sent out after the meeting; until then, the old list is still in effect.  Members were urged to do their inspections, and to send the reports to Len and Rubina.


b)             Smoking at designated “no-smoking” entrances/exits


On Weedless Wednesday, during National non-smoking week (January 16-22), members of the Leave the Pack Behind team and a few committee members went to designated entrances, gave out pamphlets and buttons, and talked to students about not smoking around those entrances. 


People are smoking in the CCT garage, just beyond the circuit break and in the stairways.  It is possible to have the bylaws enforced for the garage by contacting Campus Police, who will send the person’s information to the city so a summons can be issued.


It was noted that ash trays outside should be at least 9 metres away from the doors.  These have been relocated, but are not fixed in place, and smokers may be moving them closer to the buildings again. 


c)              Laser Safety and JHSC inspections


Rubina had received an email from a faculty member asking whether laser safety is part of the Workplace Inspections.  It was clarified that the Principal Investigator (PI) is expected to do their own inspections.  Class 3 and 4 lasers require a permit, and the laser safety officer must be notified if the laser is moved. It was suggested that we need something to prevent people from wandering into open beam lasers, since there is no sign, even in the teaching labs.  This is the responsibility of the PI, not the Committee.  Rubina will advise the faculty member to contact Wei to address his/her concerns.  An email had recently been sent to PI’s with lasers outlining new requirements. 


d)             Loading Docks


For the month of February, the Ministry of Labour is performing an inspection blitz on Loading Docks.  EH&S has sent information to departments with prominent loading docks, and Wei asks that we advise them if we have any on site of which they may not be aware.  Guidelines and training are being developed for people who work in loading dock areas.


e)              Chemical Clean-up Day


The last day was May 21, 2010.  It was suggested that we look at a day for this spring.  


f)               Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy


The information to be provided to the committee in cases of workplace violence and harassment was clarified, and it was noted that training will be provided on the new policies and programs.


g)              Emergency Response Guidelines


Len distributed copies of the new Emergency Response Guidelines that will soon be mailed out to all faculty and staff at UTM.


h)             New Environmental Health and Safety Policy


Wei distributed copies of the new Policy from EH&S .



Other Business/Announcements



The meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.


Next Meeting:        UTM Faculty Club, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM                                      







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Rubina Lewis, Co-chair                                                 Len Paris, Co-chair