August 25, 2010

Minutes of Meeting

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 - 9:00AM

Room 2068B, South Building

Present:Rob Eidukaitis,  Paul Handley, Rubina Lewis, Len Paris, Sandy Arch, Lisa Cheung, Adrian Georgescu, Andrea De Vito, Dave Clancy , Paull Goldsmith, Steve Suraci, Susan Allison, Anthony Sestito, Dale Mullings, Louise Oliver, Rob Eidukaitis, Wei-Ting Shek, Mike Foley, Khalique Mohiuddin and Ivan Ampuero

Regrets: John Janczura,, Devin Kreuger,  Susan Senese and  Laura Patterson

Len welcomed Daniel from St George campus Health & Safety

Approval of Agenda

Moved by Rubina Lewis and seconded by Andrea De Vito, that the Agenda be approved. 


Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved by Khalique Mohiuddin and seconded by Paull Goldsmith, that the minutes be approved.


Business Arising from the Minutes

 a) Accident Reports:

There had been 4 staff accidents since the last meeting, which resulted in lost time or first aid treatment.

b) Bill 168 - Workplace Violence & Harassment:

Health & Safety committee will be notified of any violence or harassment in the workplace, they will track it and may have to investigate.

ODLC will run a series of training programs for the supervisors and the safety committee. All the members are encouraged to attend.

Workplace assessment and Inspection sheets will have to be modified in order to accommodate questions regarding violence and harassment in the workplace.

c) Defibrillators (AED): 

Len informed the committee that most of the buildings on campus are now equipped with AEDs. Four new AEDS were donated, they were placed in the Kaneff  Bldg, the Library, Roy Ivor Hall and one is being held for the CCT Bldg.

d)       Chemical Disposal Day:

The day went well, recommendations are to have one every spring and fall.

e) Training Courses:

 Wei, recommended that the facilities personnel should receive training in transporting of hazardous and biological chemicals.  

f)  Chemical Safety Database:

Wei informed the committee that at St. George campus were working on the database

g)Chemical Safety Resource Person:

Professor Patrick Gunning from Chemical & Physical Sciences  Department has agreed to be the new chemical and lab safety resource person on our committee.   

h) CUPE 3902 Committee Member:

Len would call downtown in regards to find a new Graduate Student (CUPE 3902) to sit on the committee.

New Business

a) Laboratory & Chemical Training:

Len informed the committee that, Paul Donoghue was interested in what had been done in the past regarding chemical training and lab safety. Recommendation was to identify

1 - 2 days this Fall for more training.  It was suggested that people working in Research labs should be mandated to attend the training.

Wei and Devin set up meeting with individuals from wet labs, to discuss the health & safety issues.

Some of the recommendations were:

1. Lab Safety Manual should be in place in each lab, with procedures and responsibilities.   

 2. Training to be organized in the exam period this December for Graduate students, faculty and staff.

3.  Undergraduate students Health & Safety manual: guidelines for lab supervisors to teach the undergrads using the teaching labs.

4.  To form a formal working group to discuss various health & safety issues that would arise in different labs.

5.  Paul Donoghue and Ulli Krull should participate in the next laboratory health & safety training day.

6.  Wei would track the participation of individuals ONLINE.

7. Daniel & Wei would make the ONLINE training more interactive and interesting.

b) South Building Hallways:

 Building hallways in the research and lab teaching areas being used to store items continues to be problematic. In some cases there are significant amounts of old or surplus materials being stored in these hallways.  In other areas, the hallways are being used as an extension of other work space.   This combined with propped laboratory doors creates hazards in the event of a fire.

The committee will launch a poster and awareness campaign to highlight the need to keep laboratory doors closed and to keep hallways and stairways clear of material and equipment.   

Other Business/Announcements

Wei assessed the lighting issues in the Campus Police front office and made several recommendations on the appropriate lighting levels.

Daniel did a noise survey of the Grounds Department equipment and found the levels above the recommended level on some equipment. He identified the equipment and suggested noise hazard    training for the Grounds staff.

Survey of the noise level was done in the Mechanical rooms, and testing was recommended.

Rubina suggested that in the future the Caretaking staff  inform the supervisors of the labs before    their annual cleaning of the rooms.. This is to facilitate the safe removal of hazardous materials   along with moving or relocating any delicate or sensitive equipment in the lab.

Len, Wei and Rubina will give a presentation on the Joint Health and safety Committee to    Principal's Table in October.

Compliance OHS Conference in October 2010

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday October 20, 2010, 9:00AM, Room 3130, South Building

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Rubina Lewis, Co-chair                                                           Len Paris, Co-chair