August 17, 2011


Minutes of Meeting

UTM Joint Health & Safety Committee


Wednesday August 17, 2011-9:00A.M.


Room 3130 (Council Chambers), William G. Davis Building


Present:          Ivan Ampuero, Sandy Arch, Terry Botrill, Rubina Lewis, Anthony Sestito, Steven Suraci, Dave Clancy, Andrea De Vito, Paull Goldsmith, Patrick Gunning, Devin Kreuger , Len Paris, Wei-Ting Shek


Regrets:         John Janczura, Laura Patterson, Adrian Georgesco, Paul Handley


                        The Committee welcomed TerryBotrill (Cupe 3902) from Chemical and Physical Sciences.


1.     Approval of Agenda

                    Moved by Paull Goldsmith


2.      Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved by Sandy Arch


3.     Business Arising from the Minutes

a)     Accidents Reports


There has been six incidents since the last meeting, three lost time and three health care.


b)    Training Courses - Updates      

Rubina and Wei-Ting will do a WHMIS training course before  September  and the start of the year.


An ergonomics course will likely be offered in September by Wei-Ting


c)     Chemical Waste Disposal Day

Paull will check with Adrian regarding a Fall 2011 date.



d)    Laboratory Safety Program and Manuals

Funding for the printing of the new Lab Health & Safety Manuals has been obtained from Paul Donoghue, CAO and will be distributed to all the labs. The training will occur in late September or early October by Wei-Ting.


A general safety day training will occur in December.


e)     Laboratory & Hallway Safety Posters

Posters are completed and are available for posting from Len in Campus Police. A mass distribution will occur by Len and Wei-Ting in September to all the labs.


f)      Transporting Liquid Nitrogen

The storage of Liquid Nitrogen will no longer be in the machine shop effective next week. Liquid Nitrogen will be available for distribution in smaller containers from the Stores location in the Davis Building. Liquid Nitrogen training will be done by Wei-Ting and all who handle with liquid nitrogen should attend.


g)     Central funding for Medical Accommodation

            Detailed follow-up was not available but it was pointed out that U of T does                                     provide some funding for workplace accommodation in regards to a medical or                               disability condition.  The office of Health and Well-Being can assist in any                            requests or information needs.


4.         New Business


a)     Cleaning of Lab Coats


Cynthia Thomas, U of T Biosafety Officer, presented to the JH&S Committee that there is no procedure in place for the cleaning of lab coats in the research areas at UTM. Lab coats should not to be taken home to be cleaned.  It is the responsibility of the lab supervisor to supply and maintain personal protective equipment (PPE) for all employees working in the lab. One suggested option could be a laundry service. If the lab coat has been contaminated with biological agents, it can just be autoclaved, then washed. If a chemical agent gets on the coat, it has to be dealt with on an individual basis before being washed depending on the chemical.


A procedure needs to be put in place at UTM. The committee will follow up with this and look at putting a procedure in place by early 2012.






b)    Fire Alarms


Terry asked what protocol was in place regarding fire and smoke in campus buildings. Len advised the committee that persons should activate the building fire alarm and call 9-911 if fire or smoke was detected in any campus building to ensure that the fire department had been notified immediately. A second call should then be placed to Campus Police to alert them of the incident.  It stressed that the safety of persons is a priority and the prompt evacuation of any areas where smoke or fire was detected is essential.


Following an incident earlier this year, Paull advised the Committee that new procedures are in place regarding construction work and the bypassing of the fire alarm system in selected areas during this work.


Len advised that the Emergency Response and Guidelines brochures will be distributed to all UTM staff and faculty in September 2011.  This brochure will contain information on fire emergency procedures and other information on emergency situations and hazards.


            5..        Adjournment


                        The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.



                    Next Meeting:      Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 9:00AM


                                   Room 3129, Davis Building(Ante Room)




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Rubina Lewis, Co-chair                                                            Len Paris, Co chair