August 17, 2005

Minutes of Meeting:

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 - 9:00 a.m.

Room SB 1068B

Present: Alison Campbell, Rob Eidukaitis, Paull Goldsmith, Paul Handley, Liz Martin, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Jack Pienczykowski, April Wong

Regrets: Evan Apsit, Sandy Arch, Lisa Cheung, Ray deSouza, Margaret Fung, John Janczura, Rubina Lewis, Tarun Patel, Fred Wright

1. Approval of Agenda 

MOVED by Paull Goldsmith, SECONDED by Paul Handley, that the agenda be approved. 


2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

MOVED by Paull Goldsmith, SECONDED by Liz Martin, that the minutes of the meeting be approved.                     CARRIED

3. Bussiness Arising from the Minutes

a) Accident Reports

Len reviewed the accident reports received since the last meeting.  Most involved summer students, regular employees, summer camp participants or were sports-related.  All were of a minor nature, and none resulted in lost time from work.  Len indicated that there had been no lost time reports since the last meeting.  Len reminded the Committee to ensure that the JHSC and HR (for employees) receive copies of accident reports.

Next year, we plan to have a training day for summer staff to address safety issues.  This would be comprehensive and take at least one full day; it was expected it would cover personal safety, on the job safety, policies.  Conference Services, Athletics, and Residence would be involved, and would participate and give comprehensive training to their summer students.  Len suggested the Committee would be involved in formulating and delivering the training.

b) Inspections

Len asked the Committee members to send the inspection forms to him, rather than Sandy, as Sandy is part-time.  In addition, if deficiencies or hazards were identified in a particular area, he asked that the members also advise the manager or supervisor that it is their responsibility to generate a work request and send this to Facility Resources.  If possible, a copy of the report should be left with the supervisor/manager for the area.  If this is not possible, then Len asked members to put a note on the form when they send them to him, and he will ensure that the supervisor gets a copy.  He may also follow up as well with the supervisor/manager.

Len drew the Committee’s attention to the revised inspection schedule on the web site, and asked that everyone review the list and try to do their inspections during the assigned period.

It was noted that if an area requires a first aid kit, either Len or Jack should be notified, and they will supply the kit, and keep it stocked. 


c) Terms of Reference

Louise advised the Committee that the group had met and had made changes to the terms of reference.  The main changes are to the composition of the Committee (specific buildings, union members, etc.).  It was noted that it would be especially useful to have a member from each of the Kaneff and CCIT buildings.  The terms of reference will be sent to Margaret Fung for comments before they are sent to Ray.

d) Flammable Storage Cabinets

Louise indicated that the group had not yet met to draft the memo to Ray about this issue.  It was suggested that we try to get a general policy on the storage of flammable materials for research.  Ray has been active in the Physics building and may have some suggestions in this regard.  Inspections should include the inspection of flammable storage cabinets.

The issue of old items being stored long after they were required was also raised.  Paull indicated that the plant had just been cleaned of old contaminated oils, and suggested that perhaps other areas could have a clean-up day or clean-up week, e.g., the week between the end of classes and start of exams.  There is a need to consciously remind people that this needs to be done on a regular basis.  It was suggested that the Committee look at a campaign, geared toward next spring, which would include posters and other communications materials.

e) Policy on Removal of Human Bodily Fluids

Sandy and Louise met with Adrian to discuss this and other Health and Safety issues related to the cleaning staff.  Paul said that the policy had not yet been implemented, but once it was, he would send a copy of the policy to Jack.  

f) Eyewash Station

Tarun was not present, and could not update the Committee on the status of the eyewash stations for the CCIT building and BC block.  Len said he would check before the next meeting to see whether these had been installed.

g) Material Safety Data Sheets

This was a follow-up to the last meeting.  As Lisa was not present, it was not known whether the icon had been installed on the desktops in the labs.  In any event, because the Fire Department requires that these be stored outside the lab, a few years ago, a set of binders was placed in a new cabinet in the Campus Police Office.  It was expected that people would keep the binders up to date, and they are able to sign them out for up to three days in order to update them.  Len indicated that to date, no one has signed out the books, so the materials are probably outdated.  Len will call Rubina to see whether she has sent anything around; if she has not, the Committee will send something out letting people know where the binders are and asking them to update the binders. 

h) Safety Coordinator Duties

There had been a proposal to have a “Safety Coordinator” to look after the various health and safety-related issues, which had been turned down.  Given this, the Committee wanted to review the duties, who was doing them now, and who could do them.  The list of proposed duties from the draft Safety Coordinator job description was distributed to the Committee. 

Act as secretary, coordinate meetings, prepare agenda, research/prepare background information, record/distribute minutes and follow up on matters requiring attention.  This is a major duty, especially when all members of the Committee have their own jobs.  Currently, Louise does some, Sandy does a lot, and it would be good to have someone do this.  Under the Health and Safety Act, the responsible line manager is required to provide secretarial/administrative support to the Committee. The Committee should approach the Chief Administrative Officer to see if we can get some services and support of this nature.

Training had been coordinated by Sol and Margaret Fung in the past.  We can still count on Margaret as a resource person to run a lot of it, and we could bring her out to deliver training.  Len will talk to Sol about the training materials to find out where they are stored and whether they will continue to be stored there.  Next time Margaret is here, we should try to come up with a timetable suggesting dates (e.g., month) and get her help in setting up the training.

Safety training day – it was suggested that perhaps a faculty member or someone from the Graduate Student Union could take responsibility for this.  Alternatively, the committee could take responsibility for this event, bring in guest speakers, determine the day, coordinate, etc.  Either way, it would be good to have a faculty member involved.  It was suggested we discuss with the CAO and the Principal how we can make this mandatory; everyone agreed that if people are handling chemicals, they need at least one day of training.

Develop and implement strategies and practices to address safety performance on campus - this is done by the Committee, with the assistance of the Chief Administrative Officer.

Develop prevention programs which address the areas of conditions of work, personal safety, training and supervision with respect to identified hazards - the Committee should be doing this.

Database to record health and safety training achievements is maintained by Health and Safety. 

Coordinate annual inspections of all areas, maintain records of these inspections and ensure that all recommendations are adhered to - the Committee does this.

Ensure there are sufficient fire wardens for all areas and coordinate their annual training - Jack and Len do this.

Fire drills are coordinated with the JHSC rep for each building, Paull, the Fire Wardens and Campus Police.  The responsibility for this can be assigned to Campus Police and Paull.

Ensure MSDS database is up to date - Len is working on this, and will follow up with Rubina.

Fire extinguishers are maintained by an external organization that provides an annual report.  They are checked monthly by the engineers.  When they have been used, this should be reported to Jack.  If, during an inspection, anyone finds an extinguisher that has not been checked, they should report it to Paull.

Inspect all First Aid Stations, restocking as needed - Jack does this.

Accident reports are the responsibilities of the co-chairs. If it’s a staff injury or disease, HR also needs a copy, and will maintain contact with the individuals.  Len reminded the Committee that an investigation by the Committee would only be required in cases of critical or serious injury.

Maintenance of health and safety records is done by Environmental Health and Safety.

4. New Bussiness

a) Information to Graduate Students

April offered to send a notice to the Graduate Student Committee reminding them to update the Material Safety Data Sheets, and mentioning an annual clean up.  Those wishing to update the MSDS’s will be told to contact Len. 

b)  Capital Projects

Liz asked whether there was a mechanism requiring that an audit be done during capital projects to see if personal safety standards were incorporated into buildings.  Paul indicated that buildings are commissioned according to code, not to U of T standards.  If the University identifies shortcomings, the onus is on the University to point these out.  In some cases, issues are not evident from the plans.  

c)  CCIT – partitions on 4th floor

Jack pointed out that the partitions on the 4th floor were a band-aid solution, and could actually cause more problems.  There is a fixed panel inside the first panel; both are at the same height.  He expressed concern that children being tested on that floor may climb over the barrier.  The barrier could then become a “teeter totter” given the child’s weight. 


The meeting adjourned at 10:25 a.m. 

The next meeting is scheduled for October 19, 2005 at 9:00 am in room SB2068.