April 20, 2011


Minutes of Meeting

UTM Joint Health & Safety Committee


Wednesday, April 20, 2011- 9:00 a.m.

Faculty Club, William G. Davis Building



Present:           Ivan Ampuero, Susan Allison, Sandy Arch, Dave Clancy, Andrea De Vito, Rob Eidukaitis, Paull Goldsmith, Patrick Gunning, Paul Handley, Devin Kreuger, Rubina Lewis, Holly Marsh, Dale Mullings, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Anthony Sestito, Wei-Ting Shek, Steve Suraci, Mylene Vincent, Febby Wong (guest)


Regrets:           Tamara Breukelman, Sara Chavez, Mike Foley, Adrian Georgescu, John Janczura, Khalique Mohiuddin, Susan Senese,



The Committee welcomed Holly Marsh, our newest member, from the Early Learning Centre.



Approval of Agenda


Moved by Rubina Lewis, seconded by Rob Eidukaitis, that the Agenda be approved.                                                                                                                                                     

Minutes of Previous Meeting


Moved by Devin Kreuger, seconded by Rubina Lewis, that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved.                                                                                                   



Business Arising from the Minutes


              a)       Accident Reports


There had been five incidents since the last meeting, 4 involving health care, one involving a slip/trip.  In each case, action was taken to minimize the likelihood of similar incidents in future.  There were no lost time incidents. 


b)      Training Courses – Update


All the training outlined in the minutes of the last meeting has been completed.



               c)      Chemical Clean-up Day (date)



          A date in May would be set after consultation with Facilities Management and Planning, and Len would publicize it.  It was suggested there be two days per year, one in May, and one in November/December.



New Business


a)              Laboratory Safety Program & New Lab Safety Manual


The Committee co-chairs had reviewed the draft manual.  By the end of the month, an email would be sent to departments with wet labs asking them to nominate people to whom the draft manual could be sent for feedback.  A working group was being formed to ensure the manual would be complete.  Training would take place before the start of the fall semester, with the first component being in-class training on general laboratory and chemical safety.  Initially all departments would complete the training at the same time, and the training would be in-class to facilitate the gathering of feedback from participants.  It was envisaged that later on the training would be done online.  The working group will meet in May.


The training done in December was very successful.  The training, the manual, the renovations and the new space have all led to an increased focus on safety. 


b)             Upcoming Training


Training will be done shortly for the new summer staff in Grounds.  Part 2 certification courses will be held on the St. George campus in May and June.  Departments can work with EHS and Wei to set up training.  If there are regularly recurring hazards, Wei can work with departments to address those. 


c)              Incident Investigation


There had been several investigations done recently, including one in the biochamber, which led to an ergonomic assessment (and resulted in a WSIB claim), and a water leak on the third floor of the Davis Building.   It was clarified that Health and Well-being should receive only health care or lost time reports.  Wei will forward any reports EHS receives for regular incidents, near misses, and student or contractor reports to Len and Rubina (the co-chairs).


d)             Incident Trending


Wei is getting data on WSIB incidents from Health and Well-being which, when  combined with EHS data can be used to identify trends on the type and location (department) of injury.  This information can be used to prioritize training needs.


e)              MOL Visit/Investigation


The Ministry of Labour was here in early April, and had met with Chartwells about an issue related to the food service area.  Wei provided them some information about the lighting levels in Oscar Peterson Hall.  She advised the Committee that the MOL does do random inspections, and asked that she or EHS be advised if we learn that an inspector has come to our area, so they can participate in the process.  


Other Business/Announcements


a)             EHS has been working on a database of incidents occurring and chemicals in use throughout the University.   It is expected that JHSC’s will have access to the database, with a login, password, etc.  Len has been at meetings regarding this and will advise the Committee members once more information is available.


b)             The posters for lab safety are now in production and should be in place for fall.


c)             In response to a question, it was clarified that staff can visit the Health and Counselling Centre (HCC) for treatment, if they need immediate medical attention, or simple first aid.  Otherwise, the HCC is available only to students.  Staff can also go to Campus Police for first aid needs when the HCC is closed. 


d)             The list of First Aid stations is out of date; of the 20 listed, fewer than 10 are still in the locations given.  Len will submit a work order to have new signs and locations posted.


e)             A question was asked about training and other tools to do inspections, and the process for most areas was explained.  It was noted that the Early Learning Centre will be inspected monthly as per their requirements.  Members of the Committee were reminded to do their inspections and submit their reports to Len or Rubina. 


f)              An updated inspection and membership lists will be available soon.


g)             ECSpeRT and The Mikey Network have donated an  AED defibrillator for Erindale Hall.  There is now one AED in each residence apartment building, and selected residence staff are trained to use them..



The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Next Meeting:        Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 9:00 a.m.      

                          Room 3129, William G. Davis Building (Anteroom)





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Rubina Lewis, Co-Chair                                                            Len Paris, Co-Chair