April 20, 2005

Minutes of Meeting:
Wednesday, April 20, 2005 - 9:00 a.m.
Room NB159

Present: Sol Kessler, Sandy Arch, Len Paris, John Janczura, Margaret Fung, Paull Goldsmith, Fred Wright, Louise Oliver, Alison Campbell, Rubina Lewis, Lisa Cheung, Tarun Patel, Rob Eidukaitis

Regrets: Liz Martin, Jack Pienczykowski, Ray deSouza, April Wong

Sol welcomed Rob Eidukaitis as a new member representing Grounds, CUPE Local 3261 


Agenda was amended-added: Workings of the Committee, Inspection List, Eye Wash Station, Smoking and MSDS Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2. BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES                                                                                

a) Accident Reports

Sol reported that only a few recreational athletic type of accidents were reported for the past few weeks.   

It was also discussed that all contractors must wear proper safety clothing no matter how small or large the job entails (Leo and Paull followed up with contractors). Drop.

b) Inspection Report 

Sol indicated that no additional reports were submitted.  Discussion followed on the importance of this issue and the fact that more help was required.  Sol stated that Ray volunteered to assist with the lab inspections and also stated that other volunteers could also assist as long as committee members were present as well.  Sol also stated that Ray indicated that he would attempt to recruit faculty members and others representing different buildings.  (Sandy and Ray to follow up).

c) Fire Warden Radios

Paull reported that within a couple of weeks all available radios would be reconfigured for the new narrow band width and distributed by next meeting.  (Paull to follow up).

d) WHMIS On-Line

Margaret stated that this program is now on line, but its primary aim is the chemical laboratories (not general information).  Lisa Cheung stated that a session is now scheduled at UTM on Wednesday, May 11th (more info will follow via email). Others expressed interest to attend.  (Lisa to follow up).

It was also recommended that all newly hired faculty and staff receive such training as part of their orientation.

e) Certified Members

Paul and Rubina stated that they will continue to try to attend the required courses in order to be fully certified. 

f) Terms of Reference

Louis distributed a modified draft copy of the terms and everyone was asked to read and make comments accordingly.  It is hoped that by the next meeting a final copy could be established and if so, Sol recommended that Ray submit these terms to UTM council for approval.

g) Flammable Storage Cabinet

Flammable cabinets which have venting capabilities are all working fine; however, some cabinets in various labs do not have this ability, yet chemicals continue to be stored in these areas.  This issue compliments the air quality situation and will be reviewed with Sandy Cruden. Paull and Sol met with Sandy Cruden to discuss this issue – it was agreed that technicians would stop storing chemicals in not vented cabinets for now.  Paull conducted a full survey of all cabinets requiring ventilation – cost submitted, awaiting approval to proceed.  Funding was approved and work is in progress – all but 3 were completed but these will be done by next meeting.  Paull indicated that we still have many more that need to done and that funding will be sought.  

Committee recommended that annual funding be sought until all units were done. (Ray to follow up).

h) JH&S Bulletin Board

It was discussed and approved to install another bulletin board on the fourth floor of the CCIT building (Fred installed it on the third floor – better location).  Drop.

i) Annual Union/Management Joint Meeting

Sandy, Len and Marg attended and all reported that it was an excellent meeting (highly recommended for everyone to attend next year).  Good discussions and excellent resources on topics of stress, asbestos and C45.  It was suggested that a general do diligence meeting be administered with respect to Bill C45. Sol discussed this issue with our new CAO who said that he would support such a meeting and will discuss setting this up with the help from HR. (Ray to follow up).

Committee recommended that such a session be conducted starting with managers and supervisors but strongly stated that similar sessions be initiated for the rest of faculty and staff.


Sol indicated that construction of the building is still in progress and could last until end of summer; thus he stated to continue to take safety precautions as necessary.

k) Asbestos

Sol stated that a full campus survey was conducted and records are now available from his office.  He also stated that at UTM we only have a limited amount and it is concentrated in mechanical rooms, some floor tiles and around utility piping.  He further stated that he has initiated a plan to eliminate all the asbestos but that pending funding it could take several years to do so – but that we are well under way.

l) Smoking Location

Sol submitted a plan to install a ‘smoking shelter’ but the cost was very high and was not approved.  The committee agreed that unless we construct a proper shelter that it would not be worth while to continue.  Len agreed to pay extra attention to the vestibule area at the outside patio near Tim Horton at the Meeting Place – this area is heavily used as a smoking site.  Paull also stated that all signage is now installed at building entrances and exits indicating no smoking within 9 meters of doors; he also stated that ashtrays are being installed at the nine meter mark locations. (Paull to follow up).


a)  Human Body Fluid

With the help from Margaret and Paul, a rather detailed document was distributed for procedures to clean up human body fluids and solids; comments are welcomed.

b) Eyewash Station

Tarun indicated that an eyewash station was not present in BC and CCIT mechanical rooms and that he felt this was necessary.  The committee agreed and Sol approved installing two units accordingly.  (Paull and Tarun to follow up).


A discussion arose as to the upkeep of these records.  We currently store these binders in each of the chemical labs and in the Campus Police office.  It is understood that laboratory instructors must upkeep these records in each lab but no duplicate copies have been submitted to Campus Police for quite some time.  The committee recommended that these records must also be kept up to date; Rubina and Lisa volunteered to email all lab instructors asking them to sign out these binders from the Campus Police office and update them accordingly.  (Rubina and Lisa to follow up).

d) Inspection List

Inspection locations were updated and some team members were reassigned with new partners.  (see attached list)

e) New Venting Equipment

Paul stated that some labs have been ordering equipment requiring outside venting and that Facility Resources is not being notified until the equipment arrives.  This practice is causing much difficulties as venting of the equipment is sometimes very difficult to achieve pending its location.  Sol also stated that there are certain rules and codes that must be adhered to and that no such equipment should be installed unless proper procedures are followed – for example, each such equipment must be registered through the Ministry of Environment by applying for a certificate of air discharge application and that process can be very complex and costly. 
The committee is recommending that a policy be administered for all such venting required equipment and that no such equipment be installed without following MOE rules and regulations.  (Ray to follow up).

e) Workings of the Committee

A very lengthy discussion took place with respect to the workings of the committee and its membership.  The following is a summary listing of the sought resolutions:

• Terms of reference needs council support and approval
• Faculty representation on the committee is required
• Representatives from all buildings is recommended
• Visibility of the committee is required
• Annual safety events need to be implemented
• Regular safety seminars need to be established and implemented
• Web link to our safety site should be easily identified
• All recommendations of the committee are to be addressed to the CAO for final approval
• There should be equal number of managers and workers representation on the committee
• Chairing of the committee meetings should be altered between co-chairs
• A new manager co-chair is required (including secretarial support)


The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m. 

The next meeting is scheduled for June 15, 2005 at 9:00 am in room SB2068.  Please note henceforth all meeting will be held in this room.



After the meeting Sandy advised that she recruited Evan Apsit (manager, Business Services) as a new member; thanks Sandy and thanks Evan for your support.

After the meeting Sol asked Len (and he agreed) to coordinate a meeting of the managers group to elect a new co-chair. 

Sandy will chair the next meeting.

As co-chair of the committee, I wish to sincerely thank everyone for all your efforts and support for the past 17 years –it has been an honour and thrill to have worked with you; together we have accomplished much at UTM.  I wish the incoming co-chair equal success