March 24,2010

Minutes of Meeting

UTM Joint Health & Safety Committee

Wednesday, March 24, 2010- 9:00AM

Room 3129, South Building

Present:Susan Allison, Ivan Ampuero, Sandy Arch, Lisa Cheung, Dave Clancy, Andrea De Vito, Rob Eidukaitis, Paull Goldsmith, Paul Handley, Devin Kreuger, Louise Oliver, Len Paris, Laura Patterson, Wei-Ting Shek, Steve Suraci, Mylene Vincent

Regrets: Reese Arh, Dave Clancy, Gayle Dykeman, Mike Foley, Adrian Georgescu, John Janczura, Rubina Lewis, Khalique Mohiuddin, Susan Senese

Len welcomed Steve Suraci, from the Kaneff building, who has joined the Committee.

Approval of Agenda

Moved by Paull Goldsmith and seconded by Laura Patterson, that the Agenda be approved


Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Business Arising from the Minutes

 a) Accident Reports

There had been seven staff related accidents/incidents since the last meeting. The Committee was reminded that when students in labs have accidents, the forms go to Risk Management & Insurance Office.  Environmental Health and Safety gets copies of those forms as well. Forms for incidents involving employees go to Environmental Health and Safety and Health and Well-being.

b) Chemical Safety Resource Person

Mylene will contact people directly and let the Committee know once this is done.

c) Garbage bins and Removal in the Residence Areas (Ergonomic Assessment Report dated March 16, 2010)

Wei-Ting gave a summary of the report, and outlined the recommendations she had made to minimize the risk of injury and strain to caretaking staff in the residence.  She will be working with Gayle to identify solutions.   [The report is also going to Health and Well-being, who is doing their own investigation, following WSIB claims by all three caretaking staff]

Wei-Ting is developing a manual of material handling specific to caretaking, and hopes to get residence and facilities staff to attend a training session. It was suggested that staff in Grounds and Stores might also benefit from such training.  Wei-Ting hopes to have this ready by late April or early May, and will let Len know.

d) Guidelines on the Use of Perfumes and Scented Products - New brochure and promotion

Len advised that the final brochure, with the guidelines reworked for UTM, is on the web now and can be downloaded.  It is hoped that Human Resources will send something out to the community.

e) Health and Safety Training Courses

Two staff members have signed up for the WHMIS Train the Trainer Course, which Wei-Ting will be giving on March 31, from 10:00 to 3:00.  Parts 1 and 2 certification courses will be offered again soon.  Our committee has 3 management and 3 worker certified members.  Interest had been expressed in lab/industrial ergonomics training.  Wei-ting is willing to reoffer Accident investigation and Workplace inspection courses again, in May or June.

f) Monthly Inspection List

Len distributed a new list, updated to reflect changes to the Committee.  As the Chemistry labs are being renovated over the summer, they should not be inspected until September.  Len had not received any feedback to the notification form distributed at the last meeting. He will send this out again to the Committee.

New Business

a) Bill 168, Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act (Violence and harassment in the Workplace 2009)

Len distributed a fact sheet on Bill 168, which is coming into effect June 15.  The legislation brings workplace violence into the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and requires employers to conduct risk assessments, draft a policy and report on programs in place to respond to workplace violence.  Joint Health and Safety Committees may need to identify areas where risk occurs, and put measures in place to mitigate those risks.  The University will likely need to develop a new policy on workplace violence and harassment.  The Ministry of Labour will be issuing compliance guidelines in March, and Len will get copies to the Committee.  The Committee may now have to address issues of harassment and violence, and this may require training about work refusals on grounds of violence.

b) Defibrillators

Len advised that there are now defibrillators located in the Kaneff, Residence, and HMALC, in addition to the four buildings in which they are currently located (RAWC, South Building, North Building and Student Centre).  The new units had been donated, and the cost of training was shared between Campus Police and the buildings involved.

Other Business/Announcements

a) A request was made that the agenda and minutes of the meetings are sent separately from other items sent via the listserv.

  • b) The listserv needs to be updated
  • c) Mylene announced that this is her last meeting until November, as she is going on maternity leave. She will be advising the Committee of her replacement once that person is hired.
  • d) There are still problems with the CCT Elevator, and at least once a week, the elevator to the parking garage is out of order. Paull advised that a new battery was being installed, and it was hoped that this would rectify the problem.
  • e) Susan Allison asked when the acoustic consultants were going to review the noise levels in the CCT Atrium.
  • f) In response to a question, Paull Goldsmith reported that the damage to the 4th floor atrium in CCT had been repaired.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Next Meeting:       Wednesday May 19, 2010, 9:00AM, Room 2068B, Fireplace Lounge, South Building

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Rubina Lewis, Co-chair                                                           Len Paris, Co-chair